Anyone in Wigan area?? Ashton in Makerfield

hello, I'm Cat (29) from Edinburgh but about to move to the North West Engalnd (Wigan- Ashton in Makerfield) before giving birth to our twins which are due in Dec. Hopefully the big move will happen in Sept/ Oct.
I also have a 4 yr old daughter who will be starting school. If theres any expectants or mummies in the area that'd like to get in touch, drop me a line as I pretty much know nobody down there...which is a bit daunting...but exciting all the same!

Hope your all well



  • hi i live in wigan , im only 17 but i have a 19 month old girl, hope ur move goes well hope to speak to you.xx
  • Hiya mummy17!
    Nice to hear from you...i was beginning to think nobody in wigan used the site as i posted that message ages ago and had almost given up!

    We got our house in Ashton last week and my little girl started school at Marus Bridge Primary-Do you know it?? My partner is living there just now and i'm kinda living between there and edinburgh just now until i finish work in october.

    If you want to email, my address is [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you
    Cat xxx
  • I know marus bridge primary school, it's 5 mins away from me. Hope your move has gone well and your enjoying th'wigan.
  • hello,
    my move to wigan has gone well, it seems a really friendly place. just waiting on the twins to arrive now but getting impatient!

    Are there any mummies out there in the area? i dont really know anyone at all and it getting quite lonely when my wee girl is at school!

    cat (33wks) xxx
  • Hi I am from A-in-M but now live in Hindley Green (about 15 mins away). We are ttc at the mo so not a mummy yet but as ahton is full of churches i think some of the church halls run mother and baby groups for when the twins arrive. I know there is a little church near us that does. Or you could try the gymnastics place near alexandra road and see if they do a tumble tots type thing. Hope you are liking ashton!!!!
  • Hi Cat,

    I live a few minutes walk away from Marus Bridge primary school, Im 23 with a 14 month old son and im pregnant with our second. If you want to get in touch e mail me at [email protected]
    Take care
  • hi all, thanks for replying, i had my twins in november (dylan and cole) and this is pretty much the first time i've had a chance to log back onto this site....and finally i've found some wigan mummys/mummys to be. woo hoo!
    mtk86-i am really liking ashton, its very different from home...the people seem friendly which is great as well, but other than my neighbours, i dont know many people but i'm sure that will come-at the moment i cant see myself getting out the house much with the two babies, especially when the weather is crap like it is. are u a mum to be yet?
    speckle, i have sent you an email to ur address above.
    hope ur all well
    miles of smiles
  • Catriona0407

    Glad that your twins have arrived safely! Why don't you try the sure start center which is attached to hope school... which is near marus bridge school, the new center has opened and apparently they are planning to expand what they already offer. Also ask your health visitor for details of baby groups that they do. My health center off poolstock lane do a pram club and it's a great way to meet other mums.

    Good luck
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