any mummies or mummies to be from staffordshire?

hi i live in stoke on trent and just curious if anyone is from around this area or from staffordshire? Hayley xx


  • Hi Hayley, im from Cannock, staffs
  • hi there!! not too far from me then!! hope you doing well x
  • yeh im good thanks, when r u due? or have u had yours? ive got 18 days left till im due with my first!!
  • hi yes i had my son joseph on 30th april he was 6lb14oz and it was a very long 39 hours from the first contraction to the birth!! i hope you keeping well and dont go overdue!! joseph was 4 days early. do you know what you are having?? xx
  • Im hoping it will come early lol We didn't find out the sex, so its going to be a suprise image I can't wait to find out now tho, i think its a boy but would be happy with either.
    How you finding the change and having a newborn? im starting to get nervous about silly things like how do i know when to change the nappy etc haha im sure it will come natural.
  • trust me you will know!!! you can hear joseph do a poo he grunts too!! quite funny!! if its a boy you have to point their little willy down, i didnt realise this and he soaked himself while we were still in hosp!! its hard work esp if breastfeeding but worth it all even the no sleep!! thats the hardest thing i found having no sleep at night. i thought the same as you and wondered what i would do when the visitors went home and i was left with a baby for the first night in hosp but it came natural and i really enjoyed that time with him. his character is starting to come out and he is an impatient little bugger!! its so exciting and all the better for not knowing sex. keep in touch and let me know how you go on xx
  • Hi haley, i'm from S-O-T. I'm mum to 32 month old daughter How did the big day go? I hope it went well. Did you have a girl or a boy samxx.
  • Hi there, I'm from Newcastle under Lyme. I had a son on 11th Oct 06 so he's nearly 8months old now. He's called Oliver. Time has flown so quick since the birth I just can't believe how big he is already!:\)
  • hi
    the big day was a big 2 days!! labour very long i started on sat tea time and didnt have joseph until monday 9am!! and all on gas and air!! he is 1 month old now and his personality is coming out and he has a right temper!! he doesnt sleep much and i have had to start bottle feeding at night to get some sleep inbetween feeds as breastfeeding him every 2 hours sometimes less! i breast feed him during the day which i still enjoy but he is a mard baby and doesnt like to be put down which i know is a bad thing and i put down to family as i dont pick him up much. however loving every minute. hope all is well with you Hayley xxx
  • hi i'm also from stoke on trent (birches head). have 2 daughters aged 4 and 7 months. hope you are keeping well x x x x x x x
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