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hi there, i am mel i was 17 when i feel pregnant with my daughter i was in hospital for my 18th birthday and had her 5 days later. its nice to know there are other young mothers on here. its cool to know a lot of young peeps here are still with their partners it just goes to show that nt all of us have babies after a one night stand but with people we love.


  • hi everyone im a newbie, to the site and motherhood! im 20 21 in dec. my little boy joshua was born on 29th oct 06. i dont have any friends that are mum's yet and would love to make some good friends on hear. my fieance adam and i have been together 4 years now and are a happy familly. adam is 26 and a great daddy ('',)

    hope to speak to you all xxx
  • im 18.. 19 when hes due. =]
  • heya im kim and i turned 18 in february, my fiance matt is 30. we are due with our first child in 30 days!!! we are having a little boy and are over the moon, i dont feel at all like i have 'thrown my life away'. after all i have had a very good education and so there is always time to go to uni after the baby is born if i feel thats what i want. my email is [email protected] if anyone fancies a chat x x x
  • hi young mums!
    I was a mum at the age of nineteen. I have two kids 10 and 6 and are expecting my third in november. I feel I was a much better mother a few years back. I was more patient and didn't get as tired all the time. I have a great respect for young mums as not everyone want's a career and having children doesn't ruin your life it just changes it. I am at uni now training to be a teacher so when my youngest stars school I will be able to start my career. I am still young enough to do it!
  • hi girls dont know if you would class me as a young mum but my name is sammy im 22 and i have kids children already a boy ages 4 and girl aged 2 im expecting my 3rd baby (boy) in 11 weeks time fell free to email me if any of you want to chat my email is [email protected] look forward to hearing from you xxxx
  • i had my son @ 18
    it hasn't stopped me living my life or making career for myself, i've enjoyed being mum and think we should ave more respect, coz not every young parent is out for easylife or free ride!!
  • hi im 21. i had my first baby at 19 and have just had my second baby 9 weeks ago. i was only with my childrens father for 6 weeks when i fell pregnant with my first and everyone told us it wouldnt work. well we proved them wrong weve been togeather for 3 years and are getting married soon.
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