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Hi there new mums!

I'm new to this site, my husband and I have just started TTC after getting married in June. It's very exciting, if a little scary!! I've just noticed on the home page of this site there is a Gender Predictor tool based on age and month of conception. Out of curiosity, I just wondered if anyone tried this while pregnant and if it gave the correct prediction?!?! xx


  • hi there, i tried it and it predicted i was going to have a boy, and it was right, i gave birth to my son 13 weeks ago.
  • hi i used it on all 4 of mine and it was wrong for them all.
  • i forgot to say that when a friend did mine on a different website it said i was going to have a girl
  • Thanks 'mums', I guess it's just an old wives' tale!! Congratulations on your little ones, by the way. Hopefully I'll have one of my own on the way soon! xx
  • I did it and it said i was having a boy but i've had a girl. Michellexxx
  • hi
    i just did it and it said iam having a boy and it is right you could see on my last scan that iam having a boy and iam so happy.i always wanted a boy,i didnt told hubby yet coz he dont want to know.

    love eve xxx
  • Hi I am new to this site. I have a boy who is 4 in October and a girl born in Feb this year. The gender predictor based on age and month of conception worked both times for me !!
  • I did about 5 on the internet. They all said I would have a boy and I did!
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