I need anyones advice!!!!!!!!

Im new to all this so if anyone can help please do...............
Im 18 and 7 months pregnant im not with the father we just didnt get on at all!!!
He went through a stage of saying he never going to give up on me etc etc at first it was ok but then got to the point wherre it was threats he was making and wanting to get courts and everything involved!!! Ive had the police on my door step half eleven at night a couple of times wheres he`s just got out of control he`s got a harrassment order against him already and im just worried about wot the future will bring i dont need all this hassles once the baby here all along ive tried my hardest to play the nice guy and talk about things but once he gets alcohol involved i just cant win or get him to see im not a bad person and will let him see the child when ever he wants-UNLESS THERES ALCOHOL INVOLVED...........ANYONES OPINION WOULD BE GOOD.................


  • hi i think you need to think about yourself, my friend was in a similar situation and had to get a retraining order against him. some men just dont seem to understand the different emotions we go thru being pregnant, gosh i didnt understand til i got there! you need to do whats beat for the child also he could have supervised visits if he wants to take it thru the courts. just be strong and dont give in to his demands especially if there is alcohol involved, this is a time you need to be relaxed not worrying about someone who only thiks about his own needs. if he cant be civilised go thru the courts, as you should not live in fear*** take care***
  • hi [email protected], congratulations on your pregnancy pity its with your ex!!...do you not live near your family so that they can help you out a bit ...better still have you a big brother! then he can have a taste of his own medicine??? (i dont mean duff him up just threaten him to scare him) its terrible what he is putting you through and he knows he's getting away with it..when i first split up with my ex hubby (a while ago now) he used to come round drunk causing trouble and after the second time i thought im not having this so i never let him in locked all the doors and windows, he was banging on them all all round the house so i shut all the certains then too and just totally engnored him didnt even try and talk to him or look through the certains, nothing and after so long he'd give up and go away. he scared the kids to death and i had to try and smooth them but it did work. i think if he knows that its working whatever he trying to do he'll keep doing it!! god i wished i lived near by id flippin come round!!!.lol.. anytime you wanna chat give us a shout. plz come and see me on the suport post on here its on the 'your not alone 2 pages we'd love to have a chat and the others on there will also be able to give you some advice cos you havent really put this on the right place so not that many peole will see it!. hope you talk to you soon on the other board. hugs becky xx
  • hi [email protected] what a horrible situation ur in.. My aunt went thru the same kind of stuation however there was a lot more violence involved. However this man is psychologically intimidating u which in some cases is worse. Your abs right u don't need this especially when the baby comes. If i were u next time he turns up drunk, just ignore him and call the police and if it continues id get a restraining order. Hope ur ok xx
  • hi miff just poped on to see how your doing. hows things spud? r u ok?
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