any mums out there who are also take that fans?

hi everyone!
would love to chat to other mums out there who love tt ! i????ve got a two year old daughter and am trying for another baby...
take care,
love,amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • hey am a big fan my sister is worse tho she used to follow them round every where!!
    iwas to young for that tho! my babys due 26 of aug so i never got a tic to go the tour cos babs will ony be 3 month and am breast feeding when it comes so didnt think it would be right!! are u goin??
    ruth xxx
  • hi there ruth! no im not going this year as im hoping to be pregnant again by then! went last year though, flew over from spain to see them especially at milton keynes with a couple of friends! i????ve been a fan since 1994 ish and still love them as much now!
    are you having a boy or a girl? how old are u? i????m 28
    hope to chat to u soon ,take care!
    amanda xxx
  • hey all,

    i love take that! i tried to get tickets to the tour in dec but prices were a bit high to say lil one is due June/July time!
  • hey i love them! i got tickets for nov 17th birthday present off my mum cant wait!
  • hello there, i am a TT fan, did some of the tour last year and also 10years ago. i'm off to see them on Nov 27th. my baby os due may 12th so hopefully dad-to-be will be well trained up on looking after baby while i have a night out!
  • wow! have a great time at the gigs everyone! i went last year (flew over to see them live at mk from spain!) not going this year though cause we????re trying for another baby and hope to be pregnant by then!
    i cant believe 10 years has gone by! now we????re all mums or mums to be!! and most of them are dads....haha! i love gaz have you all read his book?
    amanda xx
  • Hello!
    Yes indeed I am a huge Take That fan - used to travel all over to see them and was v exciyed about forthcoming tour - only to find out I was pregnant the day before the tickets went on sale!
    Still waiting for confirmation of my dating scan though my best guess means that I will give birth bang slap in the middle of the tour!!! I am GUTTED!! (Even though I can't think if a better reason to miss the tour!)
    Are you going?
  • hi Im a huge tt fan went to see them at mk last june and was lucky enough to get tickets to see them at nec nov 20 this year. My baby (no 4) is due 17 April and am now getting v. panicky about how am going to manage. My other children are 11(Jacob) 7(Megan) and 2(Alice). we were foing to stop at 3 but accidents happen!!
  • hi there!! as i????veprobably told u all 8sorry 4 repeating myself!! haha) isaw them in MK last year too they were brill but didnt get tkts this year cause i????m ttc 2 baby so hopefully i????ll be pregnant by then!! but good news came yesterday!! i????m off to madrid this friday witha couple of friends (mum????s babysitting 4 me!bless) cause tt are signing their new album and are going to appear in tghe sring feltival performing some songs so i????m sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to it!!! i will let u all know what it was like i????m really exited cause never met them before! been waiting to hug gary for 14 years ha ha
    anyway love to you all!
    amanda xxx
  • Hi i love TT i saw them three times last year London,Birmingham & MK, couldnt get tickets for this yearimage but i am having my first baby due 8th Octimage so have fun all that are going and good luck with your babiesimage
  • I am a huge fan - as is my OH(!) We even called our (female) dog Barlow when we got her 5 years ago to show Gary some support in the dark times!!! V. sad!! You can imagine how many questions we're getting about the baby name (I can assure you it will not be TT related though!). I went to see them in newcastle & manchester last year and have tickets for 23rd Dec in manchester this year - have already booked granny to babysit! It is just so fab that they're back isn't it?!! Although how many more times I can go through the stress of trying to get tickets I don't know!!
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