PND suffering Mum in worcester to a 9 month old.

I'm looking for other mums in worcester with little ones about the same age to to be incontact with as I am finding things a bit hard at the moment, so could do with some other mums to be incontact with. I am still suffering with PND and a hernia which means getting out and about is hard for me. Does anyone know of a mum and baby club in worcester that I could join to save in sanity!! :\?


  • I'm not in Worcester, but thought I would say hi! My little one is 16 weeks and I suffer from pnd as well. I've found this site a great place to talk and get things off my chest, so if you are having a down day you can always come on here and have a rant!! Take care!xx
  • heya hunni im from worcester st johns to be exact, but moved to bradfor to e with my boyfriend i do visit often tho, im expecting my first in 3 weeks, im sorry to hear your suffering though hunni i hope i dont suffer from pnd as ive heard it tough. Im not sure of any parent groups why dont you search on google or ask you old midwife or community nurse.
    takecare hope to hear back from you soon x x x x
  • Thank you for your your replies. you have already brought a smile to my face, It's nice to know I'm not alone
  • Hiya, i live in redditch whcih is closeish to worcester. My little one is 5 months and i have had PND for 3 months.
    I don't personally know of any mother and baby groups in worcester but i go to a post natal group on a wednesday and there is a girl there who goes to a group in worcester so i'll ask her for you.
    Take care, if you need to talk i'm here!
    sam x
  • Thank you for that I look forward to you finding out for me.
  • Hiya, sorry not got back to you for a while, that girl hasn't been back to my post natal group, hope you are feeling ok. I was thinking have you tried the family information service cause they should be able to give you loads of info,
    Take care x
  • Hey,

    I'm in Evesham...i have 2 lo's meg is 2 and liam is 11mths, i have suffered pnd since meg was born, and liam's arrival made it worse! I am quite isolated as i have a disability, im looking to move to worcester but having no luck so far. xxxx
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