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Hi to u both

I am pregnant with my 5th baby she is due on 3rd july and we cant wait, i live in fernhurst which is the other side of petersfield, would be great to chat



  • Hi. Lisa. It's nice to talk to someone who is expecting baby number 3+. I'm a bit worried about how people will react to this being my 4th and have only told my huband and mum so far but at the rate my belly is growing i'm not going to be able to keep it quite much longer. I have 3 boys so far and we are guessing this will be another boy and didn't ask at the scan. It every thing going smoothly for you so far ? hope to hear from you soon Ruth
  • Hi Ruth

    Everything touch wood is going fine at the mo, we had our 20 wk scan last tue and they told us we are having a girl (we have 3 boys and 1 girl) so we r over the moon, but i couldnt stop worrying that mabye they got it wrong lol so im going for a private scan on fri just to double check that it is a girl lol not that i will b too disappointed if they say a boy but ive bought girls clothes now lol!!

    where abouts do u live?

  • Hello Ruth

    Good luck with no. 4. I live in Bournemouth so not far away, I have 2 girls and we are desperate for no. 3, (just not happening). It's lovely to hear of other people with bigger families, some people make me feel a bit bad that I say I would like 4. Take care. Marie
  • Hi Lisa. I live in Totton which is a few miles from southampton on outskirt of New Forest. I had my 20wk scan on 31st Jan. I was going to ask wether it was boy or girl but the scan showed that the cyst i have on ovary had increased in size so i forgot to ask. Because i had other ovary removed at 18 yrs old due to a large cyst they want to remove this cyst asap. I am quite worried as the consultant hadn't said what this could do to baby. I was going to see my midewife this week and ask her but i had phone call yestrday to say that the Student midwife who done my booking appointment is doing my appointment this week so i still haven't met my own midwife.
    To change the subject my boys are Liam aged 8, Ewan 6 and Cole 2. What are your children called and have you picked a name for the new baby ? Ruth
  • Hello Maria nice to hear from you. I always said i was going to have 4 but when i met my husband he only wanted 2. So we talked it over and agreed on 3 . So baby 4 was not planned ( big shock) but i am starting to look follow to meeting him (her) Well time for me to go. Be nice to hear from you again. Ruth
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