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hello ladies anyone out there's little ones had there tonsils removed??? my 31/2 year old goes in next friday to have hers removed after 3 years of suffering, just wondered if anyone been in the same boat, mummy and daddy petrified now it is here but little lady can't wait as no more yucky medicine x


  • my oldest one had his out when he was 6 and he is now a strapping 14 yr old. i was terrified but it was worth it as he was poorly so often before they were removed and he recovered from the op really fast i dont know how long they keep them in the hospital now but i do remember my one had to eat before he could leave (pringles would you belive they are not allowed ice cream or yogurts has to be rough food ) make sure youy have plenty of calpol and nurofen for at home let us know how she gets on love leighxxx
  • that's what the pre op nurse told us no ice cream and jelly anymore but rough food to help it heal!! sounds barbaric but i guess they know there stuff!! two days to go, i'll keep you posted x
  • hi leigh op went fine kept in for 2 days because she is young to be having it done, doing ok till today calpol now not lasting more than 11/2 hours nurofen ok though got gp coming tomo to do check up and will prod give codeine to help with pain but still early days they reckon 14 days for pain to subside so hears to the next 9 x
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