mums 2 be ffrom manchester

new to this anyone want to chat,dont just have to be from manchester,any board mums out there who fancey a chat or a moan,please get in touch :\)

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  • hi kaza,im due on the 21st june.its my second baby,i have my scan tomorrow,hopefully will find out the sex,id luv to have a boy,my 1st was a girl now 2yrs.have you thought of any names yet.
  • Hi elouize and kazza its nat here and im also from manchester. How are you both doing and how are your pregnancies going so far? Mine is going well not had any problems so far(hopefully wont have any) I am due on the 2nd june, had my 20 week scan 3 wks ago and found out we are having a girl which is really nice as we already have a 4 yr old boy. Where in manchester are you from? I live in oldham. Good luck for your scan tomorrow elouize, let us know how you get on xx
  • hi nat,elouize here.well today i found out i am expecting another girl,i already have a 2yr old called husband wanted a boy,i wasnt fussed so long as it was healthy,i do have to go back on the 16th,for another scan,they couldnt see the heart properly due to the baby lying behind my belly button and her arms and legs all in the way.i am from nothernmoor.hi kaz,all they do on the second scan is just do a closer look,to make sure eveything is there and where it should be and do the mesurements of baby,and u can find out the not sure of names yet,me and my husband cant decide on anything.hope both of u are well,take care and keep in touch xxx
  • Glad your both well, congratulations elouize on another girl, glad your scan went well apart from bump hiding behind your belly button! You will have to start thinking of names now, we are calling ours darcey leigh. Yes kaza like elouize said they have a closer look at your 20 wk scan at babys heart, abdomen, limbs head and face, they also check posistion of your placenta and the fluid, mine lasted about 15 minutes. Thats exciting that you have booked a 4d scan, me and oh have been debating for 2 weeks weather to have one done and i still cant decide. Part of me wants to but the other part is saying no wait till she is born!! Which clinic have you booked into? We was looking at then baby ultrasound company on st johns street manchester. We ordered the pram and car seat last night im so excited! We have gone fof the mamas and papas pilko pramettee, it is ??300 for the pram in mamas and papas and a baby shop near us does them for ??260 so we saved a few quid coz the carseat was a little cheaper to. Take care both of you speak soon xxnatxx
  • a girl i know went for one of them 4d scans.she paid ??160,that included the dvd and photos,the only problem was,was that the placenter was in the way of the face,so she paid that money and didnt evan see the face.she was very dissappionted.

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  • really surprised about that sorry not from manchester but i saw this on the recent posts and had to say i had a 4d scan done last friday and had the same problem the baby's face was right next to the placenta so they couldn't get a good facial picture so they gave me that scan for free and rebooked for next friday so i'd tell your friend to look into that and see if they'll do anything because most of these places rely on good feedback from mums to be and if your not satisfied it's bad publicity. anyway sorry for rambling and invading your thread. anita
  • hi anitarobbo,ur not invading,i agree with u,i wouldnt of been happy with that either,not payin all that money just to see some arms and legs,i wouldnt of been happy at all.
  • i think my friend just choose the wrong place to go.she hasnt long to wait now anyway,she due in april.
  • Hi girls how are you? Hope your well. I am ok just feeling fat at the moment cant stop eating crap!! Bump getting big now cant believe how fast its going only 15 weeks left to go on saturday. We have booked our 4d scan this morning for the 3rd march, so really xcited for that. Take care and speak soon xxnatxx
  • hi kaza,elouize will be amazed at how much that little kidney bean has grown in the past 11 will have to keep in touch and let me know what u are havin.i had my 3rd scan yesturday,this time time they seen the heart straight away.everything was fine,thank on my list is pram shopping,decorating babys room and also picking a name for my little girl.have u thought of names yet.
  • hi kaza,im due on the 21st june.its goin so fast,cant wait 2 finish work,my bump is huge.its looks like im ready 2 give birth anytime now.then i again i did carry big with my first,she was 8.5lb.i think this one is gonna be bigger.anyway good luck 4 2moz,hope everything goes well.
  • hi kaza,im due on the 21st june.its goin so fast,cant wait 2 finish work,my bump is huge.its looks like im ready 2 give birth anytime now.then i again i did carry big with my first,she was 8.5lb.i think this one is gonna be bigger.anyway good luck 4 2moz,hope everything goes well.
  • hi kaza,glad to haer everything went ok.that means all 3 of us r expecting girls.libby is a lovely name,not sure myself on what to name this one yet.take care xx.
  • Hi girls, congratulations kaza bet your so chuffed, its a brilliant feeling isnt it. Yes elouize thats all three of us having girls! Darcey for me, libby for kaza and have you decided on a name yet? I really cant wait now only 99 days left till my due date, it seems to be flying which im glad about. My first baby was 8lb 1oz so im expecting this one to be a good weight too. Got a midwife appointment on wednesday, only had three appointments since ive been preg, 2 scans and booking in. Then its the 4d scan next sat, cant wait. Have a good weekend girls got any plans? Take care nat xx
  • just wanted to say hello all, i've just moved to manchester,i get lost everytime i go shopping lol but really starting to like it ere, the people r friendly, congratulations to u all on your new but i'm keeping my fingers crossed i dnt follow suit lol already ave 3 girls
  • hi nat,we cant think of any,well any ones we can agree on anyway.i have 113 days to go,i think this time it is goin really quick.i really want to decorate the babys room,i stripped it at the weekend so its ready to be done,just not sure how to decorate it.i also need to start thinkin about buyin a pram,that to i cant decide i have alot to think about within the next 113 days.hope ur well.keep in touch.
  • Hi girls how are you? Just got back from fisrt proper midwife appointment, its the first time i have met her as im having care at the health centre and she seemed really nice. Heartbeat, blood pressure and urine was all fine and my belly measured 26 cm which was fine as i am 26+4 wks today. Feel better now i have seen her, next appointment will be in 3 wks now. We are also starting to decorate babys room, im just gonna have pale pink paint all over then choose a nice pink border with matching bedding, curtains and lamp shade. Gonna have white cot and furniture, cant wait till its all done.
    Hi ezzie where abouts in manchester do you live and when are you due? Ok girls take care and i will let you know how the 4d scan goes on saturday, bit nervous but really excited for that!! Speak soon xnatx
  • hi nat, i'm living in worsley hun. not sure wen baby is due i'm waitin for my ickle girl 2 turn 1 before i go 2 see midwife prob sept time so only just preg x good luck with ur 4d scan x
  • hi nat,hope everything goes well on sat.take care.
  • Hi all!
    I'm in Winton in Eccles and have a 10 month old daughter called Laura. Will be trying for number 2 end of this year. image
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