boston lincs anyone?

Anyone here from the boston lincs area?


  • hello ,im from louth which is about 40mins from boston xx
  • Hi there. We're do u stand on the baby front? Trying? Pregnant? Got any? I'm a fisrst time mum. My little boy is called Dexter and is eight weeks and two days old.
  • yesorry 4got 2 putthat, i have a little girl she's called olivia n is nearly 3weeks xx
  • congratulations, still a little 'un then. How was it? What weight was ur little girl? R u getting on alright. My boys only coming up nine weeks and it already feels like I've had him forever. Got his appointment through for his first lot of immunisations today. I'm dreading taking him coz if he cries then so will I but his dad has a big needle phobia so has got to be me.
  • yes just a little 1! she weighed 5ibs 14, but was 8 days early! and only lost 20grams of her birth weight so that was good, labour was fine i was completely out of it tho rite upuntil the end! wen it was time 2push! but she was totally wor it, gettin on really wel shes such an angel! breastfeeding, did u? or r u still?
    yea im dreadin takin her but my partner wil cum coz e ad 2 hold her 4 the heel prick i couldn't!
    do u have msn? we can chat on there or have u got an email addy? or even both? leave it on here n i'll email ya or chat on messenger xxxx
  • My Dexter was 5lb 14oz too. he decided he didn't want to be bothered to turn round once he got sat on his backside so he came out the tummy route. Haven't got msn but if you want to email me you can at [email protected] or I am on here quite a bit at the mo. I usually come on for a bit when little boy in bed. Am not breastfeeding, I tried when I was in the hospital but neither of us were getting the hang of it and with him being quite little they were having to do bloodsugar tests after every feed attempt and cup feed him formula. It's quite hard to breast feed after a c-section coz you are quite uncomfortable, at least I was. I was really upset when I decided to stop but at least it meant I could feed my own baby even if it was with formula. U getting ur little girl into a routine yet? I didn't start Dex on bedtime routines til about four or five weeks but is doing great now, did eight hours the other night which is his record so far, but normally six or so on his first stretch then feeds and goes back down for another three or four. He's still really unsettled in the day though. Doesn't like to sleep
  • hello, ive emailed u hope u got it xx
  • hi. i'm from horncastle, lincs . about 20 miles from boston. i have 4 kids at the mo - thomas 7, oliver 6, joshua 3and half and rosie 18months. i am expecting my 5th baby june 23rd. we know we are having a boy. xx
  • hi i'm from louth, if u dnt mind me askin how old r u? i'm 20. xxx
  • hey pen
    Five kids? Ur not afraid of hard work then, I'm finding one enough of a challenge at the mo. U under Pilgrim? not sure if that'd be ur closest, my friend who just had a little girl lives in Conni8ngsby and had a choice, Pilgrim or Lincoln I think.
    My geography is awful, who would you be closest to, me in Boston or Anna in Louth?
    Anyway my little boy (Dexter) is ten weeks on monday. He's a fat little sausage, 11lb 7oz which is great considering was only 5lb 14oz at birth. Had his jabs last week which he wasn't happy about. Only up once in the night, but really fighhts sleep in the day which makes him an overtired little grump.
    Let me know how u r getting on, I'm sure you'll be able to give loads of advice with allyour experience. If u have any ideas on how to make him sleep any suggestions welcome.
    Take care
  • hi all. i'm 28. and yes 5 kids. i absolutely love being a mum. i am under lincoln have been for all my is the closest by miles but lincoln is the easiest for me to get to from horncastle.
    i think that i am closer to louth.but being in horncastle i am about central for everything.
    dexter only wakes once in the night? thats great for you. most babies are still waking 2-3 times at 10 weeks, so you are doing all the right things. i just used to wear my babies out by playing with them and taking them for nice long walks in the pram. it's hard and they love to be nosey, but i think that i'd rather my baby be awake in the day than all night. my 2nd boy went hourly between feeds and hardly slept at all, day or night. he was hard work. but at 6 years old he has eventually evened out.
    chat soon.xx
  • Hello
    My name is Karen and i am from Sleaford 20 minutes from Boston. I have three children aged 12, 5 and 2. I work from home running my own business, but love spending time with my two youngest as my eldest is MR INDEPENDENT!!! Bless him, thinks he is adult already and does not need his mum!!

    We love messy play - the messier the better!! my youngest is trying to potty train with a little sucess at present!!! Shw loves the idea of wearing knickers!

    Hope you are all ok

  • Hey Karen u r not far from me at all. My little boy will be 11 weeks on monday, he's my first and I haven't a clue and am doing it all wrong. What is your business? Did you start that once ud had kids? I'm thinking at the mo of doing something from home coz I hate the thought of going back to work and leaving Dex.
  • Hi Pen- have attempted to send you an email (but they have been returned and failed) as we are considering moving to Horncastle with our two kids (8 and 5) and another due November. Would love to hear what it's like living there with a young family. Lesley8\) email: [email protected]

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  • Hi

    Im from Boston, lincs. Im 32 and im 38 weeks today, so hope to have my little bundle soon.
    Take care.

    Vicki xx
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