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I'm new 2!!

Hi, I've been registered for a few months but only just got around to having a proper look!! I have a 21 month old little boy who made his grand appearance on christmas day 2005 - which is ironic really as he certainly was a miracle baby!!

Trying for baby no 2 but not sure whether miracles happen twice?? Any Thoughts???


  • Hello there Julie
    How r u?
    How long u been trying 4 a baby?
    Where u from?
    Im from Sheffield & im pregnant with my 1st baby,
    Im having a boy & im 11days late already xxx
  • hi julie, welcome to the site, i have 3 kids no4 on the way. xx
  • Hi There!

    I'm fine thanx. How are you? Excited awaiting your baby's arrival?

    My little boy was 5 days late but i had a really good pregancy so wasn't too bothered - except for the fact he arrived christams day

    I had my gall bl;adder removed in March so been sort of trying since then??

    I live in Whitchurch, Shropshire and have done so for over 11 years.

    Hope you're keeping well & looking forward to hearing all about your new arrival.

    Take Care

    Ju x
  • Hi There!

    It sounds as if you've got your hands full!!

    How old are your 3 children & when is no 4 due?

    Ju x
  • hi hun, mine r 15 (girl) 10(boy) 1(boy) and nxt babe due april
    dont mind wat i get, though im finding teenage daughter a challenge so another boy wld be good,lol
    hoping for another homebirth.

    hope u get some happy preggers news soon hun, take care. xx
  • Hi there
    Im ok thanks julie,
    You will get good news soon,
    I cant wait 4 my baby 2 come now, but im really scared xx
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