is it ryt what my hubby is doin?

ryt, my hubby is in iraq n is rytin 2 a girl from his home town whom he does not know of. she knows all about his family except me and the baby. she knows about lot of things except me n the baby and all my hubby says is she dint ask. and he also has a profile on which you can guess is a dating website. so i played him back at his own game and made one up, but because i got a lot of attention on this website he went mad, saying i was playin tit4tat, so after a long think i got rid of my web profile. he now says why should he stop with the profile and writing to this girl?i have lad mates he says but my lad mates arent strangers and i don nt kee intouch with them. what would you lot sugest i do? he home in 4weeks. please help x J


  • tell him ur not standing for it.he either stops what hes doin and tells this other girl that he has a family at home waiting 4 him.if ha doesnt like it bin bag him.i wouldnt stand 4 it,why would he need to do this when he has u.
  • Why is he in touch with this girl? And if it's all as innocent as he;s making it out 2b and they're just m8's then why aren't u and baby mentioned? Don't mean 2b blunt but as elouise said i wouldn't have it either. U dnt know what's being said in these letters or on this web page. My friend was in a similar situation and she went on the dating site and pretended 2b someone else and sent her fella some suggestive messages and she caught him that way. I hope it is all innocent but from what you've said no i don't think it's right and it does sound slightly suspect. Hope it all works out 4 the best X
  • ryt guys, i av sent a txt sayin he chooses me or all this girl situation, no give no take!! i ad 2 text because that only way we get intouch and when he calls. do you think that right? J x
  • Hi joey_xx was just wondering how u doing? Hope things are ok u dont need to be going through this at any time but let alone now. I mightnt have any soultions but am here if u want to chat. Take care of uself x
  • hi joey i have 3 children already an am 11 wks with my 4th.if my partner was doin that 2 me i would not b happy.your husband has a baby on the way why should he look else were.hope every thing works out for u x
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