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  • thats the way we went the back roads,they were quieter i thought,i never had a look roind forth park before,i had i trip there at 32 weeks but that was for an internal after some bleeding but most seemd nice enough,was a bit put off by the screaming going on lol hubby was a bit wide eyed also lol

    i felt quite alone in the ward,nobody in the room spoke,was twiddling my thumbs until hubby got back,my dad stays in KDy so he got to stay there and get into me first thing,im not sure i could have stayed ther again over night

    I think Nicola is a year younger than you yeah,she works on game now

    you should get a lot of support on her the chick,usually everyone is kind and has either gone through it or knows some1 who has,Lennon was 6 months when i joined,i needed some 'adult talk' lol
  • Not Fife but not too far away in Dundee. My Dad is from Dunfermline and Mum was from Inverkeithing so spent a lot of time in both!
  • I've got total baby brain!! I forgot my password to get on here, oh dear!!

    SpecialK, I went to Abertay and live in Dundee for a few years, the last year was the best, we stayed right across for the 24 hour bakery!!

    Grudie, yeah all the girls are lovely, I lurk mostly but it's nice knowing everyone is in the same boat/has the same worries!! Not long til your birthday...I'm counting down to that date too!! I'm pretty certain I know Nicola. Hope the TTC is going well for you.xx
  • GOd ive not been on here since i made the topic, good to see that there are other fifers, thought i was a biut of a loner, but i do think im the youngest here haha

  • im from fife image Methil (nr Leven) :lol:

    didnt think there was many from fife on here image hi!!
  • in glenrothes, so not to far image

  • I'm from Cupar!!... Well Ive stayed here for the last three years with my partner-he's lived here all his life. X
  • I'm in Fife, well just outside, In Kinross, but spend most my time in Kelty as that's where my other half is.

    I didn't realise there would be so many Fifers about!
  • been a while since anyone has posted on here...but jus noticed this topic....good to know there are other fifers from Glenrothes, work all over tho xxx
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