2nd baby

I have a baby who is 2 months old and I am thinking of having the second baby straight away, if everything goes according to plans my babies will have 14 months gap between them...
Does anyone have babies with such a small gap... if yes, how did the pregnancy and labour went and how are you coping with the toddlers...


  • I am breastfeeding as well but I am going to stop it next week because I am going back to work. one of my friend got pregnant while she was still breastfeeding her one year old son. I think if you have your periods and you only breastfeed a certain number of times a day, you can get pregnant. Good luck
  • hi, I heard that we should give some space for our body to get back to "fit" condition before we make it work hard again...said that we should wait atleast a year..it is better not only for our body but for our babies, both the one we have and the one that is coming. surely different docter got different opinion. but whatever you do, make sure you consider both you and your lo. take care
  • Hello!

    I can tell you better on june...when my 2nd baby will arrives !

    Now I have Emma who is 10 months years old...! So they will have 13 months gap!

    For now, I can say that the second pregnancy has been a little bit more hard... but probably because we moved here from Italy last october and this is a big change especially when you are pregnant...and above all my baby needs a lot of attention!

    But Everything It's ok until now!

  • I had my 2nd after 8 yrs. My 1st pragnancy was easy and my 2nd was even easier. I had no morning sickness and can eat anything I want. 1st birth I was in labour/deliveryroom for about 5 hrs with painkiller but the 2nd time around I was there only for 1 hr and without any medication...everyone is different though, so, we cant really tell but I hope yours will go smoothly too. take care
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