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Hi bigbear, my little man is nearly 5 months now, but I suffered with chronic spd during my pregnancy, so I do understand what you are going through! How old is your other lo? Do you know if it's a pink or blue one this time?


  • hi i am new i am 33 weeks with my second child i have been suffering from SPD since i was 16 weeks pregnant just wondered if there was anyone in the same boat who would like a chat .
  • hi suzie thank u 4 replieing 2 me .my first child is a boy who is 10 and in i am carrying a girl now i was gonna log on last night but i was in so much pain that i had 2 go 2 bed out cold by 9 pm . how long after u had your son did u go back 2 normal was u able 2 have a normal birth as that is startig 2 worry me now i suffer the most pain in my lower back and cox and hips so i think baring down could be a problem . it really has put me off having any more what about u x speak soon x
  • My spd went about 2 weeks after Jake was born, but it got a little better each day. I had a c section, but that wasn;t just because of the spd, I have another joint condition as well, I know lots of women who have successful deliveries with spd, the best person to speak to is your midwife or consultant if you have one. Are you having physio for the spd? If not request a refferal, because it really helps, and the physio can show you different position for labour etc, also if you could have an epidural it may help too.
  • Hi suzaie thanks 4 replieing again i did go and c my physio a good few months ago . she pulled me about and gave me some exercises 2 do . well with in a few hours of seeing her i was completley bed bound 4 nearly 3 days . Not able 2 move at all sceaming and crying in so much pain , i just wanted the ground 2 eat me .So u can imagine i never went back and can not do any exercise either .I really am feeling the pressure of it now have been near or nuff house bound 4 five months if i do go out 4 a hour or so then i pay 4 it . I have also been caring 4 my husbanb who had a major brain operation six months ago . Not that i am moaning because he is alive and could not imagine my life with out him .But that is another story .To tell u the truth not really had much surport from the midwifes been 2 c them on 3 differrnt occasions and never seen the same midwife . I am gonna try and get in touch with some at the hospital because i am worried about wheather i will be able 2 push her out .Just counting the days till it is all over i am feeling very low keep crying .Lying around the house is not me i like 2 be up out and about . Any way less of me moaning sweetie how r u coping with your little man ,do u have any others . thanks 4 listening speak soon x
  • If you do a search on the left for spd you should get lots of results of what people have advised before. I know there is one thread running in support at the moment about spd, and one in pregnacy recently about spd and sciatica, there was some good advice, and it helps to know you're not the only one feeling like this.x
  • Hi suzaie hope u r well ,what u been up 2 .Have seen that there r lots of people that suffer with spd and it is good 2 c other peoples views on it .it is and i am wide awake went 2 bed really early .I keep putting myself threw pain so much pain i am still having sexal intercourse but by god do i suffer afterwards i thought i was going going 2 die with the pain yesterday it is my own throught because i am the one who starts it . Iam very lucky i have a very understanding husband ,who does not pressure me for sex . But it is very hard not 2 make love 2 the man u love when u have not lost your sex drive .Ithink have come 2 a point where i just cant do it anymore i cant put myself in that kind of pain ,what r your views on it .I am 34 weeks now went 2 the hosiptal yesterday 4 a growth check scan they told me she weighs 5lb 3 already and that if she carrys on at this rate she could weight up 2 8lb i was in shock as my son was only 6lb . well speak soon sweetie hope u have a good weekend x
  • Hi chick, sorry I haven't been in touch, had to go and see the inlaws and stuff. How are you feeling at the moment? Have you had any more support? My sex drive dissapeared when I was pg, so didn't need to worry about that, but I don't think I could have if I had wanted too! Let me know how you are getting on!x
  • Hi suzie ,lovely 2 hear from u i hope u r well how did it go with the inlaws ,i have spoke 2 lots of people on these sights i think it is great 2 be able 2 speak 2 others that understand .I really have not been good the last few days just been in bed the whole time but not long now sweetie ,how is your little man . speak soon babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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