Any mums from Oxford

Hi Girls
I was just wondering if there is anyone out there in the Oxford area who has had children or is pregnant at the moment who would like to meet up for a chat. This is my first baby and it would be really nice to hear from anyone who has already been through child birth or is having a baby soon.
Hope everyone's well
Claire (31+5 days pregnant)


  • hi claire, im from banbury in oxfordshire, only been here since april and found out in april that im pregnant and due december 16th image... i still dont know the areas well but would be nice to make some new friends and talk to other mums image

    j xxxxxxxx
  • Hi

    I'm from Witney in West Oxon.

    I posted in this forum a few months back and got 0 replies so I'm glad you're more successful!

    I have a little boy, Spencer, who was born 20th July 2007. It would be lovely to keep in touch.

    Liz x
  • Hi Liz

    Well fancy that i am from Witney aswell. How is life being a mummy treating you? It would be good to keep in touch as you have been through it and as a first timer i am a bit apprehensive.

    Thanks Claire x
  • Sorry Jules didn't mean to ignore your post. I don't live too far from Banbury so yes it would be nice to get in touch,not long now till your baby is due then! I try and come on here as regularly as i can and as i'm now on my maternity leave hopefully it will be a bit more.
    Take care
    Claire x
  • Hi

    I see you've replied to my original post.

    Oh, being a mum is fab, rewarding, interesting, hilarious and a million other great things. Its also knackering, frustrating and sometimes a bit boring (only when they're newborn and do nothing but eat and sleep).

    Labour honestly isn't as bad as you build up in your head. Its not easy by any stretch of the imagination but its just not as horrific as you might expect.

    Hope you're not feeling too tired and heavy x
  • Hi

    I see you've replied to my original post.

    Oh, being a mum is fab, rewarding, interesting, hilarious and a million other great things. Its also knackering, frustrating and sometimes a bit boring (only when they're newborn and do nothing but eat and sleep).

    Labour honestly isn't as bad as you build up in your head. Its not easy by any stretch of the imagination but its just not as horrific as you might expect.

    Hope you're not feeling too tired and heavy x
  • any of you new mums or mums to be still around?
    just found this thread! live near to Banbury and am 32weeks preg with first.
    would be great to chat.
  • Hi Flick
    Yes i am still around but don't know for how much longer. Had a midwife appointment yesterday and was told that our little one is already engaged(this is our first and i'm currently 34+1). Hopefully all is well with you and yes it would be nice to chat!
    Claire x
  • Hi Claire, i hope things are not too uncomfortable for you, you must be excited.
    Im due a premie baby so kinda expecting the baby soon, around christmas time the Dr/midwife reckon, am looking forward to meeting this little man, do you know what you having or is it a surprise?
    put your feet up and rest easy, Ingrid
  • Hi
    Funnily enough i am feeling quite well at the moment and am really enjoying my time off being a lady of leisure! Have had a busy day today packing mine and baby's bag for the hospital and we also managed to complete making up the nursery,we feel really prepared now for whatever happens! I hope everything goes alright for you and your little man,it's sooooooo exciting isn't it?
    Keep in touch
    Sorry forgot to mention we are having a little princess!
  • I also packed my hospital bag and babies today, i can hardly do up the zip, i packed loads of snack bars mainly for hubby!
    have you decorated your nursery in pinky/girly colours or did you go for neutral colours, i went for a soft yellow with wooden furniture.
    yes this being a lady of leisure is wonderful, i feel little bad having a lie in in the mornings while hubby goes off to work, but i guess that will change once the little one comes along!
    i feel like i love this baby so much already and I am dying to see what he looks like!
    glad to hear you feeling well! my baby is still in breech position and i do so hope he turns before my scan on the 19th which will depend whether im booked in for a c-section or not!!! anyway hope you have a great relaxing weekend
    got your names picked out yet?
  • Hi Ingrid
    Yes we have done the pink/girly theme(we just bloody hope that it is a girl,have asked 3 or 4 times!)with white furniture. We put the finishing touches to it today,put up shelves,put up tie backs for curtains,added stickers to the walls and all we are waiting for now is the nursing chair and for our little bundle to arrive! I hope that your little monster manages to turn himself around before things start to happen,luckily ours seems to be in the right place and hopefully she will stay there. As for names we do have a few that we like,Felicity,Freya,Rosie,Maisie and we have already made the decision to have her middle name as Joy after my Gran. What about you any ideas yet?
    Hope you are well and keep in touch
    Claire x
    P.S You have a nice weekend too!
  • Hi Claire,
    your nursery sounds gorgeous, i find myself sitting in the nursing chair just rocking back and forth daydreaming about the baby!
    I love the names you've picked, Freya was my choice if we had a girl its such a soft name, and Im half norwegian and the the name Freya in scandanavian means goddess of love.
    we have picked the name Finnley, the second name is Alan after my hubbys dad.
    where are you planning to have your baby, at the JR?
    chat soon
  • hiya ..... i have 5 days to go and as im typing this im suffering from pregnancy insomnia lol, this is my second baby, i am a single mum to my son who is 5..... i found out at my 20 week scan that im having a girl and have chosen the name rebecca as my sons name is reece and he liked that name... i think baby has no intentions of being on time or even arriving early! I moved to banbury in aril and a week later found out i was pregnant and about to raise my baby alone so i havent had much time to make new friends etc.......

    when are all of you due and would be nice to keep in touch image

    jules xxxx
  • Hi Jules, 5 days! are you having her in the Horton, thats where im due to have my baby.
    Rebecca is a lovely name, is Reece excited?
    I hear there is a nice baby cafe in banbury where local mums and babies go to meet up for coffee, im planning to go once bundle arrives.
    Ingrid x
  • hiya ingrid yea its in the horton, i live not too far from there... when are you due?? yea the baby cafe is moving to britannia road in january and im planning to go there too image

    jules xx
  • reece is very excited and cannot wait to meet her, he helped me choose her name and it has stuck with us since my 20 week scan, i have had my bags packed for weeks now and have everything we need except for the pushchair which im going to get after she is born... i just cant wait to meet her now, the insomnia is driving me crazy and topping it all off with SPD too i definately cant wait to meet her image xxxxxx
  • Hi girls
    Yes we are really pleased with the nursery,makes everything seem so real! I like your choice of names if we were going to have a boy we liked the names Alfie and Loui(not sure if spelt right),didn't really have a middle name though. Looking forward to my nursing chair arriving on Wednesday so i can then just sit in the nursery and take it all in,really want things to happen now. We are having the baby at the J.R which i am happy about as we went on a hospital tour and we were happy with everything. Anyway i shall stop going on as i have got a christmas tree and decorations to put up!
    Take care and look after yourselves,chat soon
    Claire x
  • Hi claire and Jules,
    im 33weeks now Jules and due to have the baby at the horton too, but i have been told i might have a premie around 35weeks and if thats the case i will go to the JR in oxford where claire is having hers.
    I also went on the maternity ward tour at the JR, and I think i will go on a tour of the horton too just incase all turns out well.
    i was at the horton this morning and im going back again tomorrow for a ctg monitoring, as im not feeling the baby move enough, but all is well and we think he has just run out of space (i have a bicornuate uterus (heartshape instead of pear shape) hence the reason premie baby), but happily all is well.

    what pram you planning on getting claire?

    Jules just want to say goodluck as it could be anyday for you now, i hope you keep in touch and i shouldnt be too far behind you, and will maybe see you at the baby cafe!

    happy xmas decorating Claire!
    rest well girls, Ingrid x
  • Hi guys
    These little ones can be little monkey's and make us worry. I had to be monitored around week 26 of my pregnancy because i was worried that our little princess wasn't moving enough but nowadays she doesn't really stop especially first thing in the morning and when i'm relaxing during the evening! We have decided and brought the Quinny Buzz Ingrid and got the travel system(not the carrycot but the car seat),shopping basket,parasol,raincover for car seat and something else for around ??385.00. As its supposed to be superstitious to have it in your house it's currently round my mums and i am counting down the days until i can take it out and about showing off our new arrival.
    What about you,have you got one yet?
    I would also like to say a big good luck to Jules,hope all goes well and don't forget to keep us posted!
    Chat soon
    Claire x
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