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Body swap!!

Up for grabs, one 32 year old body - would like to swap for a newer model!!!

Problems - baggy and saggy, susceptible to stomach bugs and colds, few minor allergies.

Good points - highly fertile, grows big and healthy babies.

Would ideally like a newer model which has a good immune system and plenty of energy.

Please apply below!!!


  • lol Caroline!!! I hope you feel better soon, you know you have a whole week off now so you can relax!
  • You've got yourself a deal Caroline!

    Mines a slightly newer model (30 years old) but the hips, pelvis and legs need repairing.

  • Not sure you would fancy carrying 2 the size of Bronwyn!!!!!!

    I feel so guilty for not being at school!! I know its silly but i feel like I am letting people down! Yet I know as i am still not eating that I wouldn't cope!
  • Me too Caroline. I've gone straight from being constantly sick to not being able to walk so I'm no use to them.

    I'm really sad though as my Y11s leave tomorrow and I've taught many of them for 5 years. Some great kids!

    I'll have to try and catch up with them when they come in for their exams.

    After half-term I'm left with 1 teaching group as most of my groups are Y11 & Y13. I will only teach 5 hours a fortnight so if I can make it in at least it won't be too taxing for my tiny brain to cope with.

  • Oh dear caroline, you can have mine, its a bit saggy in places tho. Hope you have a nice day and get to relax a bit x
  • Caroline and Sally it will all be worth it in the end.

    I hope you both feel better soon xx
  • I know Karen, I am just hating being ill. This stomach bug is driving me insane! As my midwife put it "the baby is like a parasite and will take everything it needs to survive" so I am not worried about the baby. I just want to be back to my normal self!

    Just managed to eat a Fab ice lolly which is a step in the right direction!
  • Glad you have managed something. Have you been taking it easy today? I had tonsilitis at 10 weeks pregnant i felt so rough and couldnt take much for it. So i know how hard it is to be ill and pregnant, let alone looking after a baby and working.
  • I went back to bed earlier as I was shattered, was just falling asleep when the phone rang and then the postie bashed at the door!!! Grrrrr!!!!

    I am taking things easier today! Just going to do a spot of ironing whilst watching Jeremy Kyle on ITV2.

    I must be mad working full time, having an 8 month old and being pregnant!!! I am looking forward to being full of beans again!!!! Hopefully, next week I will get the chance to chill out. Having said that I also have 305 exam papers to mark!!!! aaarrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    How is Hollie doing?? I hope she is ok!
  • HEHE Caroline you made me giggle!

    I'm glad you managed to eat something today though - how you feeling this evening?
  • Not too bad ta!

    Had a new potato sandwich and a fab ice lolly!!!!
    I think i'll stick with liquids for the rest of the night!!
  • Hi Caroline
    Really sorry you are still feeling C**p, hope you are feeling slightly better tonight!
  • Caroline it's typical that when you are just about to relax somebody rings or knocks the door.

    Hollie is fine thankyou, she has just gone to bed now. We have been up since 5 and she hasnt had a good nap today, but she has been full of beans crawling around everywhere. She is so cheeky, i left her box open she crawled over and pulled everything out and sat munching on clean nappies.

    How is Bronwyn, is she just as cheeky with her crawling? xx
  • lovely to hear about Hollie now she's on the move, you must be busy!!! I can't wait for luka to start crawling, but I think he may go straight to walking.
  • I like the sound of a potato sandwich. Yummy
  • I love potato sandwiches, especially with some baked beans. I know what i'm having for dinner now
  • Nicola that would be great if he did go straight to walking. What have you got planned for his birthday? Its not that far away now xx
  • i would be interested if you don't mins swapping sex

  • Anyone won't to swap bodys with me it would mean becoming a man though

  • I am a boy. 15 years old, 16 in january. I really want to be a girl.

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