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Advice on resizing pictures?!!

Hi, this might be directed to poor cheryl as she seems to be a bit of a pro!!!

I managed to resize a photo using the link cheryl put on old pp but now i can't find where it has been saved on my computer!!

anyone know where these files 'get placed'?

Sorry if i'm sounding truly dim!!! xxxx


  • Tasha, If you right click on a photo and then go to properties it will tell you the size e.g. 300kb. In the same menu as the properties you can open the photo in paint. I do this and then go to image, then stretch and skew and choose a percentage to reduce the photo.

    A 300kb photo can be reduced to 80% and will then be under 250kb and able to fit into the pp website!!! It may take a few times to get the size right but you will soon get used to it!

    Hope this helps!

  • I had to go into Sean's post in TTC and download image resizer, once you've done that all you have to do is right-click on the pic and then select resize image!!
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