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No so normal pms

Okay so ill start off by saying im looking to find someone who can relate and possibly give me a little more hope . i currently have 1 child who will soon be 8. The past 3 months ive been tryinf and hoping to get pregnant. Anywho my pms is very bad every single month. Its been the exact same for 2 years ..a few days after I end a period my boobs immediately start hurting all the way up until i start another one, i get bad acne .. I get nauseated all the time, headaches, eat more, the full 9 yards. Well, this month i hadnt noticed until about a week ago my boobs didnt hurt at all so red flag .Totally the opposite of my normal. I noticed my face isnt breaking out i havent been wanting to throw up im not dragging my feet exhausted or anything. Well today i shouldve started my period or tomorrow and my boobs JUST started getting a little sore today and im a little nauseous & my back hurts. But like I said I normally suffer for 2 weeks prior. So i guess im wondering if something like this has happened to anyone else and they ended up being pregnant. I took a test today and it was negative. Any info would be great. I'm trying to stay hopeful but as you all know its difficult. 
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