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Hello, I have been trying to conceive with my new partner now for over 2 years. Tried watching ovulation, was worse than putting together a mosaic puzzle. Tried having sex all the time, except around my before flow days. Nothing.
I had a very weird thing happen recently. My periods have never been regular, sometimes 34 days+, some days 20-25. My flow has ALWAYS been regular, same ol heavy heavy, and lasts a good 7 days. ALWAYS. 
Suddenly, this last period stops at day 4, and I am dry as dry gets. What wouldve been day 5 has turned into very very light pink spotting  and only when I wipe. Oddly, my partner and I had sex 7 hours before my period started. (Which was one of my shorter cycles, I was not prepared to have my flow start)
I have googled this 100 times and get very mixed answers or possible answers. I could take a pregnancy test, but I dont want to feel that sad again, so I thought I would try this. (Writing to you readers) 
What are the chances I could possibly be pregnant?? Can periods just stop full force like that? What does that mean? Could implantation be a cause for the spotting, and the stop of flow?
I have so many anxious wonders.. 
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