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4 days late...

Hey girls, 

Just looking for some help. I'm currently 4 days late with swollen sore boobs and getting bfn tests. Has anyone ever experienced this? And if so did you get a positive at the end? I've tried clear blue test and also Frer tests aswell 


  • those where my last 2 tests taken on Thursday 
  • Hello @Crazymumof2
    I’m feeling the same way 4 days late and 5th day just tiny spotting. Sore boobs, nauseous and bfn on the test. Did you get a bfp in the end? Sorry I’m just curious as we are trying to get pregnant and I am just so confuse with my woman bits as of the moment. 
  • @Soiaq I had all the pregnancy symptoms but I ended up 6 days late and then my period showed up. 

    I really hope you get you're bfp. Retest every few days to see if you get a bfp. 
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