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Hair Loss

Hi i 23 and 21 weeks pregnant and last night id notied two 50p size bald patches under most of my hair on either side of my head,And now im really worried my oldest child was born 13m ago i i dont know if this happend after having him or if this is related to my new pregnany my sister noticed what looks like some new regroth so i dont know if that sort of pin points a time this could of happend im still waiting on the result of my booking bloods as they missed me off the list so i hope there hasnt been anything underlining that we have now missed coz of this. I have had a lot of stress to deal with loosing my dad/ loosing my job house falling through so dont know if this contributes. I was just wondering if any1 knows anything or had similar experiences.
Many thanks


  • hi i was under a lot of stress about 5 years ago when i left my ex. i developed a bald patch at the back of my hair. the doctors did all osrts of tests and nothing ws causing it that they could fix. they gave me a steroid cream to use and very slowly new hair did grow. this may have happened without the cream but i will never know. it took a good couple of years before the length of hair that had been missing caught up with the rest. right now my hair is ok and really hope it stays that way but i also know that it could happen again at any time.
  • thanks for replying i went for lots of test and my iorn stalls came bk low eventhou my iorn is quite high dont quite know how that works the dotor said this could contribute to the hair loss howerer was on fluoxitine antidepresent about 6 months ago and came of them quite suddenly after finding out i was expecting again not that the doctor knew that fluox could cause hair loss but it can so looking in to that at the mo they think that stess + anti d + 2 pregnancys so close could definatly messed my hormones about causing this to happen.
  • its horrible isnt it, what makes it worse is i only 23 and have quite long hair and always have and i know im gona need to cut it to help it out a bit it has started slightly growing bk but my hair always seems to part right on the patches i work wih alot of children and have to wear hats all the time as they just dont understand what happening, Ive been looking for some sort of cosmetic to take the pinkness of the patches away as i have dark brown hair but not sure what i can use while pregnant.Im due to go out for an evening next week and im dreading it. Not feeling great at the moment anyway im in my last trimester and nothing fits and i feel awfull but whereas my last pregnacy i had my hair to do up and make nice this time i dont. Theres hardly any advice out there either which dosnt help.:\?
  • hi sorry your feeling low at the moment. there isnt much out there to help either. my alopecia arearta (sp) was at the nape of my neck and could cover it by wearing my hair down. it was all i thought about while i had it and my fingers were constantly creeping up my hair to rub the bald patch. and as they cant predict whether it will get worse better or come back its like a waiting game. and your hair grows so slow as it is, if it does grow back it could take years to get back to normal. i think the best people to ask advice about covering up the patches so you can get on with normal every day tasks would be your hairdresser. surely they would know some products on the market that may help.

    or what about clipping your hair into different styles that would cover the patches and perhaps adding some clip on extensions for volume.
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