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pain in my bak just below my sholders [Why }

some one Please help iaM 29 weeks pregnent and iam haveing a lot ov pain in my bak just below my left sholder it doesent matter if i sit up strait or not nothing moves th pain my bump isent 2 big at th mo so i cant put it down 2 carring to much weight does any one know why iam geting all this pain :?:?:?


  • Sorry hun, im not much help. Id phone nhs direct or contact your gp, its probably the added strain of the pregnancy but you could have pulled muscles. Let me know how you get on. xxx
  • Hi

    Poor you!! I had this really bad just as you are describing. I went to my doctor and he reckoned it was the weight but I don't think it was. I thought it might be the ligaments moving coz your ribs will be moving aswell. What do you do for a job? I worked in a shop as an assistant manager and I found that lfting things and also the office chairs made it really bad. Doctor ended up signing me off work at about the same time as you (29wks). Sorry to put a downer on it but mine has stayed and got worse, I'm 39+4 now. It's awful, it makes you think that you want to lie on the floor all day (v.difficult when your bump gets bigger!) The only thing that has worked for me is using a birthing ball. I lean back on it when its up against the setee or roll over the top of it (great if your OH will massage your back at the same time!!!) Try the ball I swear by it!
    Hope this helps!

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