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weight advice

After having my second son 8 months ago I have put so much weight on. After weighing myself it has put such a downer on me and I do not have confidence anyway.

Im going to start a diet tomorrow just basically drinking lots of water, crackers, salad etc.

Does anyone have best foods to eat in diets, meals, things to do around the home etc etc? All advice very much appricated x


  • Hey Mrs_Davies,

    Getting back into shape is a goal for which you should be congratulated, as the road to success can be rather tricky. Several lifestyle experiment guru's promote a broad variety of diets, but I would definitely consider Tim Ferriss's slow carb diet by far as my favorite and most effective. Healthy and regular sleep will be another element needed to succeed. In addition, you can motivate yourself by getting some poster prints and hanging them aroud your home in locations where you may be inclined to avoid a workout (in front of the tv) or grab another bite of that sweetpie (in front of the fridge). Strong visual stimulation with larger than usual prints can trigger the additonal motivation that we tend to lack after a few weeks have passed into training and the new lifestyle. Be gentle but honest with yourself, good luckimage

  • Hello,

    Thanks Lilaya giving great knowledge. I m totally agree with this. Hopeful and helpful comments to all mums.


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