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Hemorrhoids and treatments...any suggestion?

Hi, I had a baby three months ago (natural childbirth) and I have been suffering from hemorrhoids since then. I was lucky because the diet prescribed by the doctor was quiet balanced because I'm breastfeeding. Unfortunately diet and a great quantity of water is not enough. My doctor told that I have to be operated because my hemorrhoids are 3-4 level. He told me about a proctologue using THD procedure which should be a non-invasive technique. Anyone has heard about it? Some personal experience would be welcome! Thanks


  • Hi Emily, hope your situation is fine now. Last year I was exactly in your position and after some attempts and indecisions, I finally decided to make the THD procedure upon doctor's advice. It only took one day and I soon felt better. I can highly recommend this solution to everybody, it changed my life and who's suffering from hemorrhoids can understand how painful it can be! 

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