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any ideas

is this normal?

so i got the rod taken out last july ( had this in for 5 nearly 6 years) i didnt have a period for 4 months.. i had 2 month's where i was 32 days between each cycle and they were very heavy periods... since January i havent had anything expect 2 days of light bleeding.. i have severe low vitamin d deficiency i am getting spasms either side of my belly and my lower back hurts every so often... i have bloated feelings too and my stomach does seem swollen and my acid is horrendous.. any advice on what to do as i am worried it could be something serious i have got an appointment with my gp on 23rd june for a repeat blood test for my vitamin deficiency to see if the medication has helped i also have lower left back ache and the top of my stomach under my chest bone feels like theres a hot rod been dragged through it.. im 22 and havent any children im just really concerned 

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