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Please help!!!


Please make everyone aware that the police and the council are doing absolutely nothing to ensure mine and my daughters safety
I moved into my flat on 22 February 2016. Since moving it it became apparent that my neighbour (let's call him dick) was urinating outside my door. I contacted the police and the council every time It happened. Around 6 months after when my daughter was 2!!! We opened the door to go out and dick was stood there with his penis out and his trousers at his ankles. My daughter seen everything again i contacted the police. After months he was giving an ASBO for this. Yes an ASBO for exposing himself to a 2 year old. After this is just for worse he took to urinating up my door on my handle through my letterbox.now council and the police have come to the conclusion that because he suffers with mental health issues they basically aren't gonna do anything about this. For about a year I stopped contacting the police. I just got on with it cleaning outside and trying my best to live happily. Then whilst on the bus with my now 3 year old he got really aggressive because some people on the bus where commenting on the stentch of him. For this he waited outside my flat and wouldn't let me pass telling me and my child he's gonna get us. Police said this wasn't a threat he could have meant anything by that. All this time the urinating outside my door is still happening. Fast forward to this month my daughter's teacher was due to come for a home visit before my daughter started school this month. So I scrubbed outside as didn't want it smelling of wee of course. Told dick that I've cleaned it and I need it to stay clean. Was polite this was all witnesses by other neighbors he became aggressive so I try to go in home. He comes at me shouting and screaming him and his sister so I put my child in the door turn around and I'm met with a fist centimetres from my face so I come in close the door and he's banging my door with a big wooden brush and shouting of course my daughter is petrified police came nothing was done. Again last Friday he watched me leave my flat from his wIndow I went to pick my daughter up from school come out the class and he is stood inside the school gates I have made everyone aware including th school that needs to be. He told the police he walks that way (inside the school gate) and police have said they are just going to support him. And change his medication But what about me and my daughter we shouldn't have to live like this were not receiving any help atal I just want to move my life is a living hell being here and it's not only affecting my mental state but is affecting my daughter too. She wakes having nightmares about him and wees the bed all the time but only if we're at home she doesn't so it when we stay out.

This is not acceptable. And mental health IS NOT AN EXCUSE.


  • I'm very sorry to hear that.

    I'm afraid that your best option is to take yourself and daughter out of this situation by moving.

    You could try to stop and say hello when you see him and ask how is he doing to make him a friend, but there's a danger of him taking it the wrong way and expecting more than casual hi. So it's risky with someone so unpredictable.

    He's probably seeing you as someone who's disturbing his usual life pattern (that is not an excuse for either man, council or police).

    You could also try to give it a shot to write to some TV program at BBC or something to get public exposure which would force someone to do something about it. 

    I hope that you will find a solution to this situation soon.

    Anger is the most draining emotion of all and I'm amazed how well you been managing this situation so far.

    Stay strong and try to keep a clear mind. I believe that there is a solution for you somewhere out there.

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