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Feeling down.

So I'm the first one out of the group of girls to have a baby and as grateful as I am to them for the love and affection they give my little one I don't think they can fully understand how I feel. My little one is now 1.5 years, my other half works as an assistant manager in a pub so he works long hours and evenings. And while the our friends are good to us and will come to us and get take aways instead of going to a restaurant later in the evenings or we try and take it in turns to go out with friends. I've really been struggling lately while I work as well, I go to work come back sort the baby out for bed and then have food my self and then normally in bed about 9/10 o'clock and I feel like I'm missing out on adult interaction as I only really see my other half about 2 times a week and the girls if they come over if my other half is in work. They are going out on weekends and then saying they wished I was there and it makes me feel like I'm missing out. I'm so happy with my baby but I'm feeling so isolated from everyone else. My life is baby, work and bed. 


  • Hi!

    i totally understand where hou are coming from. It often is very lonely as a mum especially when your friends dont have babies. talk to your partner about how you feel.

    it would be great if you could make some mummy friends if you have time to attend a baby group locally thats a good start. If you dont lots of towns have a facebook page. Look for a babies born in (and your babies year) group locally so you can maybe chat online and then progress from there.

    its great to stay in touch with your old friends too, maybe try and find a babysitter so you could have a night out although it doesnt sound like hou are missing nights out more the social side of things.

    it does get easier especially when baby starts to talk! 

    Pm me if you need a chat

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