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Change under the sheets

Apologies if this is not the right place to ask, but maybe someone can share their ideas.  I used to have great sex wkth my husband but this changed slightly since giving birth. 

We received our girl in August this year, and started having sex not long after.  I started feeling some strange pressure and pain which wasn't there before. Sometimes it gets very painful and I feel like he is pushing right inside cervix or somewhere behind it. My husband is very well endowed and it took some time to get used to him at the beginning of relationship but it has never been an issue after that.  Is this normal to experience after giving birth? Should I see my GP or gynecologist? Thanks.


  • Don’t apologize hun.. this is a great place to ask for advice from other ladies who have been through similar experiences! 

    I can relate to what you are saying... for a good few months after having my son every time we had sex it hurt (like being ‘broken in’ Again if that makes sense!) I asked a friend and she said she felt the same way too! I guess things can get a little damaged and as they heal they probably tighten up a bit which causes the pain during sex as things have to stretch back out again a bit. I pushed through it and it did get better after several times of having sex. 

    I would say for sure talk to your husband and let him know so he can be sure to go gently / slowly and just give it some time. If you don’t see improvements then it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a doc just to get checked out. 

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