Rash on 17 week old

My daughter is 17 weeks old she has a rash appearing on her stomach it seems to be where eczema has been on her. She is now on steroid cream to help get the eczema to go. Some of the spots looks a bit purple others are like red pin pricks. Otherwise she is her normal self. Has anyone else had this?


  • just seen this thread hun hope all is ok go doctors if ur worried they wont mind it could be viral does the red spots and purple spots go away when you press them xx
  • Do a glass test on them. I wouldn't out any cream on just yet. Does they feel lumpy?
  • Did you do the glass test? Was it viral?... 

    Our youngest had issues with eczema and it was a constant worry every time a flare up would look slightly different, it all came down to irritation from the products we were using, we were using high quality baby products, but she just has the most sensitive skin, we ended up going for fully organic soaps, we've been using the little soap company products from waitrose and since then, no issues. 

    I would suggest trying organic products if you haven't already. If it was indeed, not viral but a flare up, even really gentle products can still have an effect, depending on how sensitive your babbys skin is.

    Best wishes.xx
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