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Abnormal smear awaiting biopsy results

Hi everyone. 

Just need some reassurance really. I had my smear result back as high grade (moderate) 26th of March. Went for a colposcopy on 30th of March. Due to just having a miscarriage they did not want to perform the LOOP, took a biopsy, the consultant said it was a small area of abnormalities, didn't look sinister but couldn't tell me that 100% as not allowed! He said my results would be back in 4-6 weeks but didn't really seem concerned, told me to go off and have fun on holiday and to not worry. They were all so lovely but they keep telling me not to worry and if there was anything bad he would of done the LOOP procedure straight away weather or not I had a miscarriage or not, told me I shouldn't be thinking of the C word and to not google or worry but I will properly need to come back for LOOP which I knew that anyway. But I'm so worried!! Can't stop thinking of the worse and was wondering if anyone can calm my nerves. I have some good days but mostly days where I'm worried.

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