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2 Week Period

I had to create an account on this site to ask if I should be worried about having a 2 week period. Actually it’s been 15 days now. I’ve been getting my period for about 3-4 months. I’m 15. They’re usually 11 days and pretty light. But the past two weeks, it started off light as usual but then got heavier and red, and it’s usually not red. And it’s been like that for about a week. I also feel like I have been having a cold for about 2 or more weeks, but my parents feel a little off too. But I’m feeling this “cold” more. I’m sorry for coming here but I feel uncomfortable bringing this to my mothers attention or family. I mentioned something quick once and she wanted to drag me to the gynecologist which is my worst nightmare. I don’t feel like it’s ok to talk about my concerns about it. Periods were never really talked about so this has all been very new to me even though I am fifteen. When anything private talked about, it must be announced to the entire family regardless of if you want privacy or not. Fearful of being a topic of discussion among family. Again, suuuper sorry. 


  • See your GP-are you on any pill, could you be pregnant? Might be nothing, but they can do things to help you, and worth being reassured.
  • How old were you when you first got them? I was 12 when I first got them and it took about 1-2 years before they started to become regular - flow, colour and all. 
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