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Lump down there?

Sorry if this is tmi.
This morning I found a smooth, hard lump the size of a pea on my labia. It's a bit tender to touch but otherwise painless. Don't notice it unless I touch it. It wasn't there when I went to bed. I have a doctors appointment next week but its worrying me. Any ideas what it could be?

Thanks xx


  • Is it not a spot or boil type thing? There’s no harm getting it checked out but it might’ve gone by then. If you’ve had sex recently it could’ve been from a bit of friction. Try not to
  • It feels more like what I imagine a cyst to be. I just worry because I had a bad smear (all normal now though) and recently lost a baby. I think something is wrong with me :(  Thank you for your reply xx
  • It could be a cyst. I’d see if it goes in a few
  • Sorry for your loss too.xx
  • Thank you hun. It's a bit smaller this morning so hopefully xx
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