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Wife has kicked Cancer's Butt!

Thanks for accepting me into the group! Me and my wife Sophie are keen Parkrunners so we have been struggling without it but have been coping by going out for long runs and trying to keep mentally and physically healthy.

This week marked the one year anniversary that Sophie is officially clear from Cancer!! We can’t thank the running community and NHS enough for all of the love and support we received, it was amazing!

Whilst we would have liked to celebrate properly, unfortunately we are all currently in lockdown. Throughout everything Sophie has managed to keep her cheeky sense of humour, so in honour of this she is proud to show that she has kicked Cancer’s butt!

Our NHS and community is absolutely amazing. Hang in there everyone and we will soon kick coronavirus in the butt and be back out enjoying life again.

All our love, (apologies for the bare bum!) Stay strong!!

James and Sophie xx
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