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Exercise during pregnancy

Hi all,

I'm not yet pregnant, usually lurk in TTC forum. I'm usually quite active, during a week I'll go to Fitball, Circuits, Studio Strength classes and mix in gym and swimming on days that classes aren't on at the right time at my club.

Is there anybody in here who had a similar fitness regime before conceiving and how long did you carry on exercising for after conception?

And what work outs did you do while preggers?



  • Hey there,

    Well, I'm not quite the keep fitter that you are but I do excercise a fair bit. I usually cycle to work a few times a week and do a spinning class every Weds.
    I was quite concerned when I first found out that I was pregnant that I wouldn't be able to do any of it anymore but that isn't true.
    If you already excercise and are fit then there is no reason to stop but you should listen to you body a bit more and stop or slow down if you feel uncomfortable. My spinning instructor has told me that it's fine to carry on so long as you're comfortable up to around 8 months.
    You might not be able to do all that you do now but you could change some of those classes for water aerobics and stuff as she recommended those to me because the water will support your bump.
    My doctor also said that my current cycling regieme shouldn't do anything to baby and I'm supposed to be going on quite a long ride in a couple of weeks so hoping I'm up to that.

    If you already excercise and keep fit, stopping altogether is one of the worst things you could do as you'll pile on even more weight than usual. Plus apparently being fit can be very useful during labour! image

    I'm currently only 7 weeks so not finding excercise uncomfortable yet so hoping to keep up the spinning til 8 months and do the water aerobics as mentioned above.

    Hope that helps? Good luck!

  • Hi - I'm only 5 weeks and I exercise 5 times a week. A mix of running, cycling and swimming. I've done 3 runs and a cycle this week and I am just going to listen to my body for the time being. Today I did a 5 mile run and for about half a mile I walked as I was a bit tired. I think you can be quite active up to about 28 weeks but then need to tone it down a bit.

    I did a 16 mile road run last year with a women that was 5 months pregnant so I think if you're fit - it's good for you and the baby to stay happy.
  • Hi. I'm 28 weeks and I go to aquafit classes twice a week. Ealier on my my pregnancy I aslo did my aquafit classes and I was a little bit better with taking the dog for walks. Now I'm bigger I don't walk so well. I get tired too quickly but I looooove my waterbased activities. I simply do the exact same class as I did before but just go a bit easier and avoid a couple of unsuitable exercises. One of my classes is just about to finish and so I was going to start swimming on that day instead. It's such a relelief to be doing exercise when you are all achy and clumbsy, but the water is such a help!
  • Hey,

    I'm 22 weeks pregnant and before i was pregnant was training for a half marathon, running, and cycling. I am pleased to say that i still do both now although not as intense, was advised by the doctor that its safe to carry on as long as i dont push myself.
    Once you start getting bigger your body tells you when enough is enough, and you just have to listen. I dont think i will run through out my whole pregnancy but i will still remain as active as i can!! It does apparently make labour much easier!

    Exercise is also great for relieving tiredness!

    Hope this helps!
  • I'm 32 weeks and was a regular runner, I ran the marathon back in April and found out after that I was actually pregnant at the time, only by about a week or so though.

    GP told me it was fine to keep on running until I felt I was ready to stop as I was already fit.

    I continued running until about 22 weeks (and I really miss it). I stopped at the advice of the physio - she said that even though I still felt fine the danger is that it is damaging your pelvic floor muscles. The example she gave me was Paula Radcliff, she said that she ran all the way through her pregnanacy and that the damage that that would have done to her pelvic floor is what caused her to have to go to the toilet at the side of the road during the London Marathon! I decided to take her advice and switch to swimming and walking instead.

    I know some people think it sounds wierd but I can't wait until I can start going again - I have already got a pram with big fat tyres that I can run with.
  • Before I concieved, I regularly went to the gym 4 times a week and had done for 10 years or so. I did alot of spinning, cardio and weights. However, as soon as I became pregnant, I became very aware of what I do in the gym. My midwife advised me to stop using weights so I just do cardio now.

    I have to say i have found it really hard to carry on as normal basically because I am so tired. I am 10 + 1 now and it is a struggle at the end of the day. I also have less energy (when usually I just go for it), so I have to put the machines to a few levels below what I would do normally!

    However, I have now re-discovered swimming. I went last weekend and did 40 lengths really easily, as it seemed really refreshing rather than exhausting! I'm hoping that I can keep up the exercise just enough to do more when my energy returns in a few weeks time!
  • I've been keeping active throughout my pregnancy. I'm 37 weeks today and am still swimming twice a week (a mile each time), power walking twice a week (2 miles - not loads) and doing the Davina workout DVD for pre pregnancy. I'm going to keep doing it until I get too tired to stop but I think it helps me relax.
  • I'm a bit like Tritread, have been trying to keep it up throughout the pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant, I was training 8-12 hours per week for triathlons. I had to give up running at about 18 weeks.

    I did have a bit of a break over Dec/Jan what with Christmas, being snowed in, the gym being shut and then going on holiday. I'm back in a routine now though, and trying to do 4 sessions a week, either swimming, power walking (around 3-4 miles per time) or the gym - low impact stuff like the cross trainer, exercise bike and a few resistance exercises.

    I have to say I've been really well throughout the whole pregnancy, not that tired, no sickness and no real aches and pains other than the occasional bit of stiffness and a few growing pains. Could just be luck, but I think the exercise really helps and I'm hoping it's going to stand me in good stead for the birth too!

  • Hi Lizzie76 - I'm a triathlete too and can't wait to get back into it. Might book in for a sprint tri in Sept(ish). It'll take a while to get back up to standard distance I'm sure. I ran up until 25 weeks but towards the end it was more jogging really.

    I'm with you - haven't really suffered during my PG and really hoping that being fit helps during the birth.

    Tri 37+5
  • I'm thinking about a sprint in September, and possibly a half marathon, it would be nice to have a goal! The other option is the club relays in August, because you get a break between each sport it might be quite a good one to ease myself back in with (plus it's great fun!).
  • Sounds great. I've booked in for the Great South Run in October and the Hellrunner in November (although OH thinks I'm crazy about doing the HellRunner but I just love it).

    Can't wait to start using my jogging buggy as well.
  • I'm a triathlete too and am 15 weeks.. i actually gave up running with my club as i didn't want to give in to my "competative streak" image i knew i'd be trying to keep up and to be honest until about 12 weeks (from 7 ish) i was just plain shattered and got tired very quickly (and puffed out quickly too). BUT i've been swimming, Zumba classes (got kicked out of a pilates class - don't ask - silly instructor) and i've been jogging/power walking/Cross trainer..

    I've altered my routine in that i'm trying to maintain a heart rate of 144 or under and i'm probably putting in about 60-70% effort.. image
  • I think the general rule is to carry on as before (probably easing up a bit towards the end) and not to start up anything new (although in my opinion yoga and swimming are probably ok).
    I've managed to maintain my fitness routine pretty well apart from a few dodgy weeks of sickness towards the beginning.
    Just another little tip- I ordered some clothes from  about a month ago and I absolutely love them! They're really supportive and I cannot recommend them enough for mums who want to exercise during pregnancy x

  • I exercised before my first child and continued throughout. I brought supportive maternity sports clothes and did not need a belly band. Check out for maternity sports clothes
  • Barefoot Birmingham is a boutique and personal yoga and wellbeing studio based in Harborne, Birmingham. We offer a great pregnancy yoga class which involves gentle hatha yoga with breathing, visualisation and relaxation, specifically designed for mums-to-be. it helps you embrace and strengthen your changing body and prepare for birth, motherhood and beyond. 

    All welcome, even if you have no previous yoga experience. If you already have an established yoga practice, the class will enable you to continue safely throughout pregancy. If you are new to yoga or exercise you should wait until you are into your 14th week of pregnancy.

    We would like to launch a new series for 2013 so if you are interested please get in touch to let us know! You can post a response here, call us on 0121  426 2633 or just drop us a line at [email protected]

    We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

  • Hi Ladies,

    I am a Women's Health Physio and a huge fan of promoting Exercise during Pregnancyimage

    I recently wrote a blog post on Pregnancy and Exercise. Feel free to have a read if you woud like too...

    Happy Exercising!


  • A great way to stay fit during pregnancy is with pregnancy yoga. It's gentle but keeps you in shape and prepares you in the build up to giving birth.

    We were running a series of classes at our studio in Harborne in Birmingham but all our lovely mothers-to-be gave birth! If you are interested do get in touch - 0121 426 2633.

  • This is great article for know which exercise to do during pregnancy period. I am 25 year old woman. I am recently preganant from 8 months. This article is very helpfull for me. thanks for sharing...


  • Hey, it’s nice to hear that you are planning for your future from first, as it is very important to do so. And in reply with your comment, you are already doing lots of exercise, that’s good when you will become pregnant, but take care excess of exercise during the time of your pregnancy is also not good for you. So listen what your body had to say and stop as soon as you feel pain.

    And I am assisting you with the exercise and tips which I got when I was at that stage. I found one editorial very helpful for me in endorsing my exercise and my schedule. The same I am sharing with you to read this ,which get good result with this stage. God Bless you! Good Luck!

  • I swear by yoga during my pregnancy and I love taking online prenatal yoga classes because I don't have a lot of time (I'm a second time mom). I've recently found this awesome site called MyYogaWorks ( They have an entire "prenatal yoga video journey series" where they prescribe different classes throughout your pregnancy. Patti Quintero teaches the prenatal classes, and she's awesome, especially because she's had two kids herself. I believe they have a free 14 day trial as well so you can check it out.

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