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Once i've had this lil one and had my gyeane prob sorted i want to start training to do this, anyone else done it? if so any experiences to share? image:\)


  • I done it one year, I worked for Tesco at the time, it was a pretty good day we had and it raised money for charity (we got goodie bags at the end to, Tampax samples, dried fruit, water, etc) I didn't run,just kinda pondered along, as did the majority of women!!

    You've got me thinking I might sign up for it this year as well. Are you hoping to do it this year? I think up here it's July time.

    Claire, xx
  • nah won't be this year lovey, i'm due in the next 3 wks or so, plus i've gotta be steralized also gotta see how my back goes after birth as i have SPD need to strengthen it up again so prob be next year now i hope!

    37wks today
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