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Started injections today!!

As above really!!! Got myself in such a state !!! Wasn't at all that bad! Although Marc did it for meimage I'm on 300 bruserylin .

Has anyone else had this and are there symptoms?? Xxxxxx.


  • Congrats on starting your injections, hopefully if all goes to plan, I will be starting 29th December. Do you have to do them at the same time everyday?

    Sorry can't help with side effects as not started yet.

    Good luck.

  • hiya,

    I started mine on the 9th. They are sometimes easy, sometimes hard but not as bad as i imagined! I have been very tired but thats it. Just hoping af will show up soon as i have my suppressed scan on thurs and am hoping to start stimms xxx
  • Everything crossed for all three of you.
  • thank you helen,

    I really hope we all have a happy new year! xxx
  • Hi Gemlou

    I have completed my treatment ... just on my 2ww! eek! Anyways, I didn't get any side effects from the injections, I was on Bruserylin and Gonal F. Towards the end I was a bit more tired and the injections were getting a little more painful (I did all my own into my belly).

    Hope it goes well for you!
  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for your replies!

    Mrs ward.. Yes I do them same time every morning at exactly same time!! 820am image I have my baseline scan on 29th!! Good luck Hun!!

    Samsa... Good luck for Thursday , fingers crossed image Af didn't show last month even as I was on the pill!! Was upset over thatimage but thankfully have come on todayimage has yours showed up yet?? Xx

    Hjanea... Hope you get a fantastic result on Xmas eve I really do xx

    Babyblue... Glad to hear you didn't have too many side effects! I'm. Ot having any at the moment although it's only day 3!! But then all the treatment iv had so far I didn't have any side effects ie from clomid, tamoxifen. Fingers crossed I don't get any. Good luck for testing stay positive!!image xx
  • hello ladies,

    Gemlou, af turned up in the end! was day 11 of bus injections but it has been so heavy (sorry tmi!). Scan on thurs so fingers crossed I am ready to start stimms!

    Ps last few days i have been feeling very hormonal! xx
  • glad to hear af turned up but not that it was so heavy. i have my fingers crossed for your scan x

    for those who have started/finished injections, where have you been injecting? i start on boxing day and am now getting nervous x
  • angelheart - i have been injecting in my thigh. I find quite high up in the middle hurts the least. I pinch, put the the needle in fast, then let go and press the injection in very very slowly. It stings a bit and worse if you go too fast, but its really not too bad. I was really nervous too. Sometimes I get a bit of blood after so have some plasters ready just in case.
  • Hi,

    I am on day day 9 of Buserilin today, side effect are tiredness and one monster headache..!

    Injections aren't too bad, I am doing them at 7pm every evening, or rather my DH is doing them. They can be a bit stingy but OK. My AF arrived on day 7 of DR, and is also quite heavy. But have read thats a good thing, as the lining needs to be nice and thin to start stimms

    What dosage of Buserilin is everyone on? I am on 50mil a day.

    My baseline scan is booked for 27th Dec - fingers crossed for stimms.

    Love TW xxx
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