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Feeling yuk!!

Hi ladies hope ur all good!

I'm 8 days into my stimms and the past couple of days iv felt awful!!, my belly is so swollen and I'm getting muzzy headaches!!

On the bruserylin I was fine actually more than fine I felt better than I have in a couple of yearsimage now this lot of drugs have brought me back down!! Egg collection on wed got to keep that in mind haha!!

My first scan was on tues, I had 10 follies in one and 5 in the other, also lots of smaller ones that can get bigger from now till wed, I'm so excited now!! Got another scan tomorrow so il update again image xxx


  • oh Gemlou - sorry to hear you are feeling yuk.

    i'm only 2 days into my stimms and i have a headache and feeling generally down....i'm not sure if I'm in the correct frame of mind at the moment!!!

    15 follies is wonderful - hopefully the others will catch up ....are you on Menopur?

    best of luck with you EC xx image
  • Hi orsngegerbera

    I felt like that before I started d/r and kept thinking I'm not ready to do this!( mainly cos of stress and back pain) but once I started I felt better about it and more ready!! Youl be fine too image I'm on gonad f, I don't know what the difference between drugs are??!

    Hope you feel better xx
  • hi gemlou,

    I felt worse on d/r but i do have a rounded tummy ehich feels very twingy, especially when moving about too quickly. I am day 8, same as you. Have a scan tom and am hoping ec will be sooner than wed - dont want to wait that long! x
  • Hi samsa

    I'm exactly the sameimage and was wondering today if il get ec early!! But ec booked for wednesday too!! My scan tomorrow is at 10.10,what time is urs xx
  • hi gemlou,

    egg collection is set for monday! Cant quite believe it. Have to take my trigger tom night. I saw your other post? How was your blood test? I had 28 follicles at my 1st scan. Not sure how many I have now, but my bloods have been ok. I think they go mostly on blood levels so am hoping yours are ok xxxx
  • Hi samsa!!

    Wow ec on mon!!! Is that because you have a lot of follies?? I have 32 but they've not said anything about bringing ec forward! Blood test comeback fine so just need to lower dose of gonad f as they've developed quite rapidly.

    Good luck for Monday bet your so excited!!! Let me know how it goes!!

  • hi gemlou,

    at my clinic they dont schedule ec, they just book it for when you have enough follicles over 17 mm. They didnt say how many i have but ive had 3 blood tests this week and they havent had to change my dose so dont think they are worried. I think its common to have to change your dose though, so dont worry and just because you have 32 follies, doesnt mean that they will all develop. I think the thing they look for most is the hormone levels in the blood. Its good they are monitoring you closely.

    I am excited that its all hapenning, fingers crossed we will both be pupo soon! xxx
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