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Exercise whilst having treatment

Good Morning

Just a quick question, I am about to start IUI and in the past 6 months I have lost 3 stone to bring my BMI to an acceptable level. I have done this through reducing my calorie intake and going to the gym at least 5 times a week and doing cardio exercises (bike, treadmill & cross trainer).

When I had my apt with the nurse last week to pick up my Clomid I asked if I could continue at the gym and she said she wouldn't advise it during the 2WW as it could harm implantation. Has anyone been told this before? I am currently 6 days into a 'natural' 2WW and have already gained a few pounds from not going to the gym. Can anyone help?

Or maybe someone with a BFP could shed some light on the sort of exercise they were doing in the run up to their BFP?

Many Thanks

Cuddles x


  • hi

    i am in the middle of ivf and have been advised not to swim for the first week (i think due to poss infections) and was told i could continue moderate exercise. i would think this means gentle sessions at the gym are fine, i wouldnt do a class or prob running but will do the bike (gentle though!)and prob brisk walks on the treadmill.

    hope this helps xx
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