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I am new to the site and was just wondering how long people had to wait for their first cycle of IVF to start?

Is anyone under the Bromley borough? If so how long have you had to wait for IVF?

I am due back to the specialists in a few weeks and am hopeful that the ball can get rolling!

Thanks x


  • hi

    if you look on the website for your local pct it should tell you what the waiting lists are. We are at the centre for repo medicine in coventry and there was no waiting list for nhs or private patients but other pct's can have waiting lists of 2 years.

  • also there is a site called fertility friends where you can look up your area and ask people from your area. As angelheart said every area is different xx
  • Thank you both for your replies. very helpful. I will look on both the websites.

    Thanks again x x x
  • The waiting list in sutton and merton is about 3 years! I think we are the worst tho! I hope Bromley is much shorter xx
  • Gosh thats a long time, will you go private? Thanks for the reply x
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