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FAO Trixie and Anne01

I just wondered how you guys were doing as I'm not sure we have heard from you in 2011. I have not been on here half as much as I have been in the past but always keeping an eye out for you.

Hope you are both ok and 2011 is our year xx


  • Hi Debbie

    Sorry to gate crash, i haven't been posting much not keen on the new site!!! How are you how are the injections going are you still on down reg stage? I am on day 5 of injections

    Annette xx
  • Hello both

    Anne - I know what you mean about the changes to the site. I feel like such an old timer it is starting to get really depressing so also not posting much. I really hope that you are in the position to get going soon and that you are continuing with the positive vibes xx

    Mummy A - I had also done a FAO for you further down so glad you replied. I am on day 8 of the down reg. no sign of AF yet and can't remember what has happened in the past. I just want everything to go smoothly this time..... I have a scan next Wednesday. Keep me posted on how you are doing? Are you down regging for two weeks too?

    I hope that it is a good new year for us all image
  • Thanks Anne that is a very motivational post image
  • Thanks Anne x
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