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Fao samsa

Hi lovey

How u getting on??! Xxx


  • Hiya Girls,

    How are you both getting on with the hellish 2WW.

    Hope your both keeping busy (whilst resting of course lol)

    Gem - hope you dont mind me G/C. xxx
  • I've popped on to see how you are both going too. Hope it is passing well for you.
  • Ahh thanks ladies!!image I'm ok although been crying a lot !! people are really frustrating me!! My mum most of all!! My stomach is still so so bloated and uncomfortable!! Moan moan moan!!! But apart from all that haha! I'm ok, this week has gone fast really, just been getting on with things, I'm seeing my beautiful 2year old niece tommorrow so another day will go quickly!! Iv been cooking things from my Jamie Oliver book, I am shocking!!!! Even following recipes!! Going to Hastings this weekend for a break can't wait !! Do u think itl be ok to have a little swim?? Xxxx
  • Gem soubds like you are having a lovely week image

    Are you off work for the whole 2ww? x
  • Hi princess debbie , hope your ok?! Yes luckily I'm self employed , but iv booked a few clients in next month , I'm a mobile hairdresser so find my work quite pysical. Xx
  • hiya ladies,

    gemlou, sorry youve been emotional but think thats normal after what we have been through. Good that youre keeping busy though image

    Im ok, I just want to know! Not very happy that i have had cramping which has now stopped but feel just like i do before af. Have backache and generally tender tum. Sure i am out, but then still have a glimmer of hope. Am thinking of tetsing sunday when i will be 13 days past ec xxx
  • Hi Hun

    Nice to hear from you!

    I had so much cramping like af pains when I fell pregnant last time, I had to have a scan to check it wasn't ectopic !! Don't worry!! So many people I know say that's a symptom of pregnancy !! What have you been up to this past week? Have you kept busy? I would test on sunimage lol!! Is this your first attempt samsa??
  • yes its my 1st attempt and i just cant believe we would be so lucky as to have got a bfp. Good to hear the cramps may be ok - they are just scaring me! I have been back at work yesterday and today which has been a good distraction. How about you? xx
  • Just want to second what was said about cramping in early pg - I think it is pretty normal. Here's hoping for you xx
  • No not been back to work yet, I'm going to next Friday. where iv had miscarriages I just want to take it especially easy! Let us know how you get on!!

    Gem xx
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