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Treatment in February!

Hello all

I went to see my consultant yesterday and have found out that I will start my down reg injections on the 31st Jan! I have an added complication that I need lots of cysts removed before stimms so going to go in for a procedure on the 10th (apparently I'm 'unique'. Hope won't cause too many issues!!) They have already told me that I prob won't have enough embies to freeze due to the cysts but as I keep telling myself, it only takes one...

Egg collection/transfer scheduled for w/c 21st Feb!

Is anyone else going through treatment in feb? If so, it would be good to hear from you. We haven't told any friends or people at work so it would be good to get a thread going on here to help us all through what I'm sure is going to be an emotional time!

Best of luck to you all no matter what stage you are at.



  • Excellent news - now you have a timetable of events - how exciting!! the time will fly-by!!

    wishing you best of luck. I would start increasing your fluid intake now to get used to it!! image

  • thank you for the advice. i was amazed at how quickly the process is starting!

    they have also suggested i have 2 put back which i was a bit shocked about. not sure ive got my head around that one yet...!
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