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6mm follicles(:

i went for day 8 scan today(ist scan on stimms) and my follicles are only 6mm and they said they should be 12mm-14mm today(: i feel like i have failed as a mummy already.

upped my drugs and going back on fri xx


  • dont think you have failed! The drug dosage can make a massive amount of difference in a short space of time. Good luck for the next scan xxxx
  • Angelheart, on my day 14 scan I only had a 12mm follie. I had IUI but I ended up having the basting on CD22 [when most ladies are basted around CD14!] in the end. In my 2ww now.
  • hi angelheart - what dosage have they put you on? like samsa says a small increase can make all the difference. xx
  • thanks ladies

    i was on 2 vials a day so now doing 3. i down regged from 26th dec to 17th jan cos they couldnt fit me in for a scan, so i am hoping my ovaries are just feeling sleepy!
  • computer seems to have eaten my reply!

    i was on 2 vials a day(menopur) and now on 3 so i guess there is plenty of room for upping the dose.

    what about you ladies? what dose were you all on?

  • hi angelheart - fingers crossed. I was on 5 vials this time round but 3 the first time. I think 5 is the max, i was reduced to 4 for the last 2 days this time. last time I had an extra dose just after my final scan.

  • thinking of you today - I hope those follicles have grown!!!

  • hi

    thank you for thinking of me, sadly the follicles havent grown. the nurse said to stay on 3 vials til mon then go back for another scan. She said the consultant will prob up it to 4 vials then but thats the max i can have on this cycle.

    If they havent grown alot by next fri we will have to abandon this cycle and start the next one on a higher dose.

    feeling a bit pants (:
  • Hi angelheart

    Sorry to hear that things are not going to plan. I'm sure the follies will have a growth sprurt over the weekend! I can really sympathise at the frustration of one's body not behaving how it should but even if worst case things do not work out this cycle there will be others and they will learn about the balance of drugs from this time.

    thinking of you xx
  • thank you.

    problem is we are self funding and its so expensive! the drugs for tonight,tomorrow and sunday have cost me ??150.

    i am really hoping they grow some, i am feeding them chocolate but it doesnt appear to be working!
  • I feel your pain, we are self funding too. the bit I was most worried about was getting past the stage where we would have to pay for the whole cycle, compared to that the drugs are a drop in the ocean!!

    Keep on with the chocolate, I am eating everything and anything this time in the hopes it will work. Good luck hun xx
  • thank you for your support. how far along are you in this cycle? are you ivf or icsi?

  • Neither I'm doing a FET cycle - not quite as straightforward as I was hoping it might be but hey :roll:

    We are on a long protocol this time and finished the down reg on Wednesday so after this are pretty much on the normal timings for IVF/ICSI. Are you IVF or ICSI? x
  • they are going to decide on the day. If we have to cancel this cycle do you know how long it will be before i get a period?

    they said they hope to re treat cancelled cycle due to under/over stimulation quickly but not sure what they mean.

    when are you next at the clinic? x
  • I don't think you would be waiting more than about 10-14 days for your AF but keep positive. I had the opposite problem to you and over stimmed (53 follicles!) so I know that it is frustrating.

    Fingers crossed for you xx
  • PS sorry meant to say I am not back to have another scan until Friday now.
  • been for scan and they have grown! i have 8 a couple of which are smaller but they are hopeful to be able to do an egg collection next mon. going back wed and fri for scans, so fingers crossed they keep on growing!
  • Fab news angelheart! grow follies grow!xx
  • hi Angelheart - can I recommend two things - the first being - have loads of Protein - this helps with cell formation. secondly - have you had acupuncture? this helps as well - especially electro - acupuncture!!!

    good luck. xx
  • Good news,keep feeling positive, they can really pick up pace once they get going xx
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