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Newbie! - Advice needed :)

Hi ladies,

I have now left ttc forum as thought this was the best place for me now..

My hubby and i are both 30 and he has very low motility, in fact barley moving! lol, after his 2 tests confirmed that the docs have now ref us to a fertility clinic, we are waiting for our appt, i also have a history of PID and poss endo.

Doc said they could give us ivf/icsi, sperm washing etc...but they will decide the best treatment...

does anyone know how long u wait for ur appt and what you think they may recommend for us? , how long the process is, i have had all my bloods and him, ect am all new to this as thought ttc would be starightforward! haha not so much luck,,,

hope to speak to all of you soon xxx image


  • hi booey

    Every clinics waiting time will be different but i would imagine even though your hubby has had 2 tests done the clinic will want to do their own and prob repeat your bloods.we are currently in the middle of ivf/icsi (they will decide on the day of egg collection) if you know which clinic you are being referred to you can look at waiting times on either your local pct website or the health organisation website

    good luck
  • hi there

    thanks for replying to me. . i no its early days for me but can't help but to be eager about it lol. I been told i could get my first appointment as early as this month which is very exciting! X
  • Hi booey,

    I am in a similar position, my hubby has 'scant motile sperm' which is a nice phrase to hear after 12 months of TTC!

    We have been referred today to St Mary's hospital in Manchester and been given an appointment for 20th

    April. It seems ages away but I'm sure it will come around in no time.

    My poor hubby is on an alcohol ban, caffine ban, gym 3 x per week and travelling to work with frozen peas between his legs to try to improve thigs before then. If it doesn't it will be IVF or ICSi for us too.

    I hope you get your appointment soon x
  • hey there!

    i got my appt today am very pleased!, ous is 21st feb so soon! eekk, its very nerve racking isnt it!...

    i was told today i qualify for 1 cycle of ivf on nhs, which is fine if it doesnt work then we will fund another somehow!...

    i bee reading so much about it all,so much termenology i dont understand lol, yeah my hubby got poor motility of i think 5%, which i think is bad, and i have other issues too so i think they may do a lap n dye to have a look at my tubes bit scary image

    hubby has cut down on drinking, the smoking is hard for him but he is trying, i dont drink much and dont smoke...and my bmi is ok...good luck wantagingerbean!...keep me informed etc...xx
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