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I'm back!!!


I'm back from a extremely traumatic experience!!!!! Iv been in hospital since Monday before last,!! 11days!!

I developed severe ohss and my kidneys started failing! I swelled up all over(oedema) I had to have a drain from my abdomen and a catheter that they kept having to put it in ( they thought it was put in wrong, but it the fact my kidneys stopped working!) the pain was excruciating, the drain was the worst pain I have ever felt it was traumatic and I wished I would die then and then ( dramatic!!) I have been on morphine all the time and generally had the worst time of my lifeimage it was one thing after another, I tried to log on to be and managed to read your messages but couldn't reply as I couldn't log in,

Anyways I'm home now thank godimage, they took drain and catheter today but said that now it's out I will fill up with water again but just need to keep an eye on it, hopefully it won't get as bad as it did !!!

But..... I have some good news Out of all this, I'm 5 weeks!!!!!!!! God knows how the embryo clung on!! It's so early so I'm not going to get excited;( iv already had a bleed in hospital but at the moment it hasn't all been in vain!!

Couldn't wait to update you all, and thanks for all your messagesimageimage


  • Gemlou - Glad that you are now at home at you are still preggers - it must have been a very scary time.

    Fingers crossed that you have a lovely 8 months of pregnancy.

    Take Care

  • Hi Sarah!!!

    I'm 5 weeks and 2 days too!!! Yes was pretty awfulimage hopefully over the worst!

    What symptoms do u have Sarah?? All I have is sore boobies ?!? Mind u think everything else masked symptoms! Xx
  • Wow what a time you've had....... but fantastic news congratulations xx
  • Sounds like you've had such a traumatic experience. What a strong little embie you have. Congratulations!!!
  • Thanks goodness you are on the mend now, I wondered if you might have got OHSS but sorry to hear it was so terrible for you. Hope your little bean remains a true fighter image
  • Thanks everyone!! So lovely to be home in my own bedimage! Stomach is sooo swollen this morningimage

    Been a rough ride, one that unfortunately if I lost my bean, I wouldn't repeat! This baby better stickimage))) xxx
  • Gemlou - have got huge sore (.)(.) and nausea, but won some sea bands a while ago and was saving them, so at least the nausea is subsiding.

    We can be bump buddies.

    Take care

  • i am so pleased to hear about your bean! i am sorry you have had a rough ride, its sounds awful. i hope your other half has been looking after you.i will be logging on to see your progress over the next 35 and a half weeks! xx
  • OMG! So glad you are okay. That embryo is clearly a fighter!
  • Gemlou, what a horrible thing to have to go through! But so so glad that bean is okay and that you're on the mend. You had us all worried for a bit, then :roll:. Hoping that the rest of your pregnancy is a smooth-ride.
  • Thanks again ladies!

    Still very swollen but on the mend now I believe, can't do much without becoming exhausted so trying to take it easy! I suppose that's the pregnancy too;) I'm so worried about it, I'm going to try and get a scan this week to look for heartbeat then I can relax a little moreimage xx
  • How long will you be off work hun? xx
  • Well in not really going bk to work as such. I'm a mobile hairdresser so my work is quite physical and because iv had miscarriages I don't want to risk it! I have one client next Wednesday and that's about it! I do worry that I'm going to lose all my clients but at the same time my babys more important! I'm going for scan tomorrow at 11 so fingers crossed I get a heartbeat ! I'm so worried!image xx
  • good luck for your scan i am sure it will be just fine.i will be logging on to see how you got on x
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