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PGD anyone?


My husband and I have just had our first counselling session to discuss whether we should have IVF or GPD (genetic IVF). We both left feeling more confused!

I have a genetic condition which is why we have been offered the choice. In a way I would rather it be left to fate/ doctors choice!

Is anyone else in the same boat? Or has anyone else had to choose? Opinions/stories much apprecicated!


  • Hi Ruthie

    I have just had my first round of PGD. Hubby and I are cystic fibrosis carriers and have a son with cf which is why we went down the PGD route. If we left it to nature there is a 25% chance we would pass it on again whichwas not an option for us. What is your situation?

    There are not many places that do PGD. It's mainly done at Guys in London. I was luck enough to have treatment in Edinburgh which is much closer to home.

    Feel free to ask any questions xx
  • Thank you so much for your reply. It is lovely hearing somebody elses story.

    I have a condition called FAP I had to have my colon removed once I was diagnose seven years ago and have to have check ups every six months.

    My husband and I have been trying for nearly two years and have been told I probably have tubal damage which was cause by the operation so will need assistance!

    We are being treated at guys who said we could have GPD.

    Do you know is the process almost the same as IVF?
  • Hi ruthie

    Hubby and I are also going to guys for Pgd. We have a chromosome issue and our best option for a healthy baby is Pgd. Hubby also has sperm issues due to the chromosome disorder.

    We have our first appointment in a week so not sure what they are like but there is a Pgd thread on fertility friends and a guys one too. You should take a look and it might answer a few

    Questions you may have

    V xxx

    Lb fab news petal. My fingers are tightly crossed. Here's to valentines day x x
  • Thank you so much for your reply. We'll have to keep in touch with each other over the next few months x x
  • Ruthie

    Usually they do ICSI. I think this is because all eggs are fertilised at the same time so they can be genetically tested at the same time.

    The other difference is that ET is at 5 days as opposed to 3 days with "normal" IVF. The one thing you do have to prepare yourself for is that none of the blasts may be unaffected. I do know of woman who have gone through the whole cycle to have nothing to transfer. I had 6 eggs retrived, all fertilised and all were suitable for ET however three of them had cf. Luckily the other three were suitable for transfer.

    Guys has an excellent reputation and are very much the front runners in the UK for PGD. I would second V's recommendation to have a look at fertilty friends. There are a few threads on PGD and PGD at Guys. The girls on there have a variety of issues which has required them to go down the PGD route. They make everyone feel very welcome and are great at answering questions. They have been a total lifeline for me over the past few months as very few people have even heard of PGD!

    Best of luck xxx

    V- keeping everythig crossed for you hon. You need some good news. Please let Valentine's Day be a good one for both of us xx
  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for your reply. It wa very helpfull. So glad you had 3 good ones to use.

    Having none that are good to use is a worry and concern. My condition is rare but not life threatening if noticed in time so we am considering going IVF route.

    Good luck hun

    Ruth x x
  • Hi ruthie,

    Are you still active on this thread? I also have fap and have now tried pgd
  • Hello,

    Just wondering if anyone can help:

    Me and my husband have our first appointment at guys hospital on Tuesday and I don't know what to expect.

    My Husbands got a cancer gene running through his family that's why we enquired about PGD, we have to go through ivf anyway as I suffer with crohns disease in my ileum and had to have surgery which has resulted in my right fallopian tube being scarred and my fsh slightly high.
    The hard part is they haven't done PGD on these gene before, so it can take up to 2 years investigation before we can actually start treatment and hope it works for us to have our family.

    We don't know whether to wait or go down normal ivf .... does anyone know how long the waiting list is for normal ivf in Brighton area?
    I'm just so emotionally and physically drained I just want our family. We have been trying naturally 2 years and started with the hospital this year time seems to be going so slow!!!

    I hope someone has any advice to help.
    Thank you for you time x

  • Hi me2you. I hope you're well. I am awaiting  PGD at guys. Due to start our treatment in 2weeks. It took nearly a year to create a test for my husband's  rare condition, but i think Its worth waiting. Our 11 years old son is afected with it and had a surgery over a year ago. Its devastating to see your child suffering. I hope all went well for you.

    Good luck and all the best


  • Hi Joanna,

    thinking of going with PGD but the condition we want testing for isn't licensed and worried they won't see it as serious enough. Was the condition you are avoiding registered?

  • I wouldn't leave it to fate really. Its totally worth it to go for PGD to make sure your baby will not have a genetic anomaly. There are many websites to choose a good clinic for PGD. You can read a bit more about PGD treatment here

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