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went for egg collection today

had my egg collection today, they got 10 eggs 7 mature and 3 slightly smaller but they are going to fertilise them all. Just waiting for my call tomorrow to see if any have fertilised! not enjoying the suppositories though!


  • Hi angelheart

    I'm so glad your egg collection went well, fantastic news! I bet it feels like a huge weight off your shoulders not it's done with! Fingers crossed you get them all fertilised and i'll look forward to reading your bfp announcement on here soon!

  • Congratulations Hun!! How did u find it all?? Look forwardvto hearing your bfp soon!!! Good luck for tomorrow !!! Xxxx
  • thanks ladies! it was fine it took me a while to come round from sedative and felt sick as a dog when i got home but better for a long sleep. just feel so constipated and uncomfortable!!
  • Hope theyve done well overnight.
  • had call from hospital and 7 have fertilsed so going for blastocyst and will have transfer sat or sun. got to cancel our centre parcs holiday though so i hope its worth it!
  • Brillant!! Go embies!!!
  • I am keeping everything crossed for you xx
  • Fab news good luck xxx
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