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Starting my clomid & IUI this week

Hi everyone

Firstly appologies that I haven't been around recently. I have been struggling to get on this website on any computer, from reading the posts on the phone everyone else seems to get on ok, so it must just be me!

Anyway, an update from me. We had to delay my first treatment due to being away so we are now ready to go.

Yesterday was CD 1 so I phoned the clinic and they want me to go in for a baseline scan tomorrow morning and should give me the go-ahead to start Clomid and book me in for my next scan early next week. Is it usual to have a scan on CD3 when you still have AF?

I have been reading all of your posts on my phone (I just cant reply on there) so my thoughts are with everyone and hugs to those of you who have had a rough time recently.

Cuddles xx


  • Ooh good luck, Cuddles. I have heard of other ladies having scans around CD2 or 3 but I've never had one earlier than CD8 as I seem to have slow-growers.

    I'm just a few days into the 2ww after our second go at IUI.

    Let us know how you get on.
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